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I think you're probably talking about Permax. There
has been some reports of vets using smaller doses than
that have been effective which would bring the cost
down. The other med is cyproheptadine, which is
cheaper although going up in price and not as
effective as permax. I suspect my horse may not have
cushings as her first series of blood work was at
critical levels but they've been closer to normal the
following year and she looks better. My new vet still
believes she has cushings or something similar, The
biggest change I've made is to feed her smaller meals
4 times a day, decrease her carbohydrates and increase
her fat, also reduced her daily stress level by
changing her enviornment. I don't have her on meds.
You might want to shop around for a better price on
the meds. Others on this list may be able to help you
with that.
--- John Watson <jolaine@...> wrote:
does anyone know of any medications that work for a
horse with cushings?
We are looking at spending $300 per month on meds
and we don't think we
can afford that much. Thanks-Dana

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