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Barbara P. <MorganPinesFarm@...>

Hello folks,
My vet just got back the blood work from BET labs (she is sending
a copy) and this is what she told me.
Amiga's thyroid was in the normal range though at the high end.(she
is on 2 scoops of Thyrol) Her cortisol rhythm was also within normal
parameters. But, her insulin was still way too high. The insulin was
the only test we had done back in May. My vet feels that while the
cypro is helping( she's been on it a month) she feels the PerMax
be better. So...she stays on 150 mg of cypro and we're adding a
loading dose of 1.5 mg of PerMax. Hopefully we can decrease the
The bad part is Amiga's son Majestad. Not only was his insulin
somewhat high ( though not as bad as hers) but his cortisol rhythm
only showed a change of about 7%. So we've started him on 150 mg of
cypro. This really floored me. I only had him tested more as a
baseline. He does not show any of the typical symptoms. The only
is that the area above his eyes instead of being concave is
puffy...and he has a cresty neck and some fat pockets. But I wasn't
expecting this. His thyroid is within the normal range. I can't
believe this is happening.
I did some research into both online and local pharmacies and
believe the prices of these meds. Right now I'm using Prescription
Specialties which only carries the meds in liquid form. Even at that,
the PerMax comes to about $2 per mg. So for both horses together it's
about $6 per day. That is not something I can continue indefinitely.
And that doesn't count the Thyrol and other supplements to help their
immune systems.
Does anyone know if work is being done to bring the prices down to
a more reasonable level? I guess because it's human medication and
most people have insurance, there's no push to help the horse folk.
Boy has this been an awful 2 months. I feel like my nice orderly
way of life is spinning out of control. Maybe I need to try out for
Regis's Millionaire show!!!!!!!!!!

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