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Hey Barbara, did you get my post about the prices of liquid Cyproheptadine?
Might want to check that out. Let me go back and see if I still have it or
if AOL has erased it from my "Sent Mail" box. brb

Here it is, hope it will be of some help, if you have to go the
Cyproheptadine route, which is what we are doing here on the Funny Farm.

Date: 7/7/00 4:54:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: EquineCushings@...

I am just finishing up my first bottle of liquid cyproheptadine and although
the price is cheaper, I am just not certain of the results being as good.
The stuff requires a really good shaking each day before giving and when I
did call the pharmacy to ask if they had anyone else who was questioning its
effectiveness, they assured me that the med is the same, only in liquid form.
So, yeah, the results should be the same, but I keep thinking maybe the
foaming after shaking is messing up my measurements a little bit. Well, it
is possible.

Anyway, the cost for a bottle of 16 oz. was, as of two weeks ago, when I
reordered, $165.00 total and they DO take VISA, in case you are wondering.
Each cc contains 1 00 mg, or the equivalent of 25 tabs (of the 4 mg size) So
you would use, Oh Gosh, Math is not my strong point --- help me out if I am
wrong, but Pandora took 29 tabs and I give her 1.2 cc per day so you would
need about the same amount per dose. Is that right, guys? So you would use
2.4 cc per day. ( I have two mules, one gets 0.8 cc/day and the other 1.2
cc/day) so that would cost you about--- hmmmmmm--- I think about 75 cents a
day. I just know it is cheaper than the pills by a whole lot. Not bragging
up the results though, just doing the math. Others have had more success
with pergolide. I stayed with the same med because it seemed to be working,
but Pandora Mule hooves have not looked as good to the farrier since the
liquid. No special reason to think it is the med, just want to share with
you what he has seen! Oh, the pharmacy is Prescription Specialties Inc.
located in Cheshire, CT. The phone number where your vet has to call in your
Rx, then you call to order is 1-800-861-0933. They ship right away, so it
takes about a week. As a backup, because I always feel better with a Plan B,
I am keeping one bottle of tablets till we get close to the exp. date on the
bottle. Hey, you never know, I could spill the whole darn bottle, couldn't
I, and watch that "Liquid Gold" pour all over the floor. I do hope that
never happens, but I am quite familiar with Murphy's Law!
Hope this helps! Someone else with some other info, please jump in here!
Kay in NY

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