Re: test results


Well, the BAD news is that you will be medicating TWO horses, as I medicate
TWO mules, but the GOOD news is that 16 oz is actually 480 cc, since there
are 30cc in one ounce. Check a medicine cup to see what I mean. So that
means one bottle will last you much longer than you were thinking. Just
double checked as I measured out Pandora's 1.2 cc and Sadie's 0.9 cc and yep,
that's right! Kay, who gives ThyroL to TWO mules and a mini-donkey and yes,
even has a dog on thyroid medicine too. Once an online vet suggested I be
checked too. I thought she was kidding. BAD news was it cost me almost $480
for my lab work but the GOOD news was that my thyroid levels are perfect.
Welcome to My World!
Kay, who thinks it is neat that we can share our info.

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