Re: test results

Barbara P. <MorganPinesFarm@...>

Kay-thanks for setting me straight. I knew 1 oz=30 cc but I think my
brain must have turned to mush after checking all those pharmacy
Question to those of you who have been in contact with BET labs.
Once I have the paperwork in front of me for reference, can I just
call the lab and ask to speak to Heather? One of my reasons is that
my instructor, who has raised many Andalusians, says that they're
bodies tend to be different than most horses. I just looked through
her barn today and almost all of the Andys have funny fat pockets-
even the thin ones. She wondered if what is considered normal insulin
and cortisol for the average horse might be different for the Spanish
breeds. Anyone out there with any insight?
I guess she and I are both having trouble believing Majestad is
affected also-particularly in the absence of typical symptoms.
Unless, by the time you see the long hair coat and excessive thirst
etc., the disease has been well ingrained. Guess I'm grasping at
On a upbeat note-I think I had mentioned that Majestad had tested
positive for Lyme's disease, which explained his uncomfortable
feeling without being lame. Well, after 1 week on doxycycline( 2
weeks more to go) he is acting like his old self. Today was the first
day in 2 months that he didn't indicate that he hurt anywhere. Yahooo!
Kay is right. It's great having these boards to share information.
Barbara, who now is seeing a little blue sky through the clouds.

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