Re: BET Lab results

Nora & Gary <NRGDB@...>

BET told me that if the cortisol variance was within normal limits, you
didn't need more permax or cipro . They recommended trying Chromium for high
insulin but my vet didn't know anything about it.(also have you put your
horse on a low carb/high fat diet ? - that helps also as Cushings causes
insulin resistance). We started the ABC regular supplements a few months
ago, and recently the Cushings supplement - we are repeating the labs at BET
this week - anxious to see if his insulin levels have come down.

Her cortisol rhythm was also within normal
parameters. But, her insulin was still way too high. The insulin was
the only test we had done back in May. My vet feels that while the
cypro is helping( she's been on it a month) she feels the PerMax

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