The price of cypro.

Marc Davis <lmdavis@...>

<I paid 180.00 for 8 oz of cypro.>

This seems a little high. Did you buy it from your vet or directly from a
compounding lab?
I paid $165 for 16 oz of cyproheptadine, as did Kay (who loves to hear the
good stuff!). Mine came directly from Prescription Specialties. My vet
called in the script for me, then I called in with a credit card #. My vet
clinic was going to charge me nearly $300 if they handled it (they wanted a
huge profit just for ordering it :o( My vet himself was willing to help me
out and call in the script.

Also, Just for everyone's info, I just picked up 1000 tabs (4mg cypro) from
my vet clinic since I ran out of the liquid and am waiting for results from
BET before I purchase any more in bulk. The price for 1000 tabs was $87.00
(which was still better than the local pharmacy could do). Unfortunately my
horse is on 180mg/day which means that 1000 tabs only lasts 22 days making
my monthly cost about $120/mo. OUCH!!!!! Liquid is way cheaper!

All for the love of a horse!!

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