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Sounds a bit like she may have spasm one one side - presume from ouy
description it it with hear extended ie neck back in a similar line?
extension spasm of both neck & back muscles??
If her sight is ok it could be that her propriocecption is not working
properly ie she does not know where parts of her body are in space. If your
ever seen the TTEAM_TTOUCH bandageing for the body it should help if this is
part of the problem.
suzie in Oz
Suzie in Oz

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When she is running, she looks like she is being led by her nose from above
and to her right, Her back is hollow. She looks frightened. The seizure
yesterday started in her stall, before dinner (there was no food in there at
the time). The running/spinning part meant lots of crashing and banging
into the walls of the barn.. That said, however, I opened her stall door
(figuring she was better off in open space) and after a moment, she managed
to get herself through the stall door, out of the barn, through the dry lot
and into open space in the pasture. (12ft + gates in all those places except
the stall door--all wide open). After this one was over, I wondered again
about her vision--this time on the right side:

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