Re: Update on acorn/laminitis mare


Just a quick note to tell you that I have now taken my little mare off all
drugs, which were aspirin (the last one I took her off of, 4 days ago),
banamine, and ace. She is still on foam and deep shavings. She is walking well with
just a little hitch in her right rear, and I can tell the slightest carefulness
in her other three, but a huge difference from a complete inability to walk
several weeks ago. Thanks so much for the advice and support here. I learned
about the combinations of drugs to use and not to use, and about the foam pads,
trimming, and bedding. I now see the light at the end of the tunnel for this
girl. I found out through a friend of the lady who sold her to me 4 months ago
that this is NOT this girl's first bout with laminitis - looks like 'buyer
beware' for me. She is the only one of the entire group that ate the acorns that
got laminitis - now it makes sense, even though in my vet's new 'book' it says
that is definitely one of the ailments that will happen with green acorns
along with aborting, and even death. At least 5 of the mares aborted because of
it, not sure if she did, but I think it is likely...will ultrasound her this
week and check. Thanks again, and Eleanor, thanks for the article on the fats.

Nancy Nunke
Spots 'N Stripes Ranch

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