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dunlover@... writes:

They even mentioned the
possibility of court to obtain the possession of my horse! Can they
do this? I have dedicated myself to this horse for the last three
years. he is my first priority
How is Dundee's weight? Is the only problem the feet and lameness? If your
current vet is willing to go to bat for you with the animal control people, that
is the first thing I would do is have him/her call them to get them to back

If they come out with a search warrant to collect the horse, the you need to
get an immediate injunction against euthenizing the horse until a court
hearing can be held, where your new vet needs to go and argue the case to keep your
horse alive and being treated.

You will likely need a lawyer for this, and you might call around and see if
you can find one willing to take the case, in advance, in case in a moment it
becomes necessary...sometimes people can't move fast enough in these cases
because they are not prepared...and the animal is euthanized before your lawyer
can get in front of a judge to place the injunction.

Just an old paralegal talking...

Nancy Nunke
Spots 'N Stripes Ranch

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