Re: Kay and anyone else [long and teary].

Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Linda, these are wise words and they help me to refocus. Today, I have been
thinking too much about how it feels to me to be dealing with this. I need
to think more about how it feels to my horse....and to listen to what he is
telling me. He is still pretty happy, and has a good home and a good buddy
(Icelandic gelding) to be with. If the time comes when he can only live
inside, that would make him miserable. I have an old woman-friend who has
been basically telling me the same thing...guess I haven't been listening
well enough. It takes a lot of trust for me to feel confidant that I will
know when it is time to say goodbye. That happened with my old dog last
Spring...I did know because he told me unmistakeably. I have to trust that
Domino will tell me, too, and he certainly hasn't yet. Thanks...I know
talking about these things can stir up a lot of feelings for those of us who
truly love our animals. Kay in AK

Linda Borgo wrote:

When it comes time that she can't live her life on her terms, I will
end it for her, the part of her I love most will be the reason I put
her down. My young horse I think differently about, she will endure
quite a bit. both horses have kind of told me what they want from
the young one will endure and the old one will ask for release. I
think we might all have to ask our horses what they want and try our
best to figure it out for them. I feel my heart breaking sometimes
thinking about it, I hope I can do what my horses ask of me.

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