To Kay

Robin <Eclectk1@...>

Kay, I am so sorry to hear that you are having such troubles! I
would like to mention... once YEARS ago I had a horse who foundered
-- he was NOT cushinoid. He had persistend lameness but nowhere near
enough rotation to account for it, one degree or so on one foot,
about 2 on the other. None of the local vets could figure it out
(oh, well, sometimes you just can't tell with founder!!).

Well, to make a long story short, after MONTHS of chronic lameness we
took him to a specialist who was a good distance away... he said the
problem wasn't founder at all, it was persistent infection up high in
the lamina along the toe that would vary with time based on how much
could work its way up between the wall & live portions of the hoof.

After about a month of regular epsome salt soaks, etc., the horse was
sound and stayed that way. I was really young at the time and there
may have been more to the treatment, but I KNOW there was no major
wall removal or anything that way. I believe it was just major
cleanliness, soaking, etc.

Now I've no way of knowing if this might relate to your problem, but
it couldn't hurt to look into it some or get a second opinion from a
really good vet, if you have access to one within even 3 or 4 hours

Also, have you tried thyroid supplement? That may make a
difference... there's no hard proof yet, but there is some thought
that thyroid supplement may help with chronic laminitis and help
preventing laminitis from initially occurring...

I'm really sorry I can't offer more, but its all I can think of right

Hang in there!

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