Re: Acorns


Many plants are more toxic when they are dried up than when they are
growing. I had 9 abortions last year to acorns. They were green.


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My horses have discovered the acorns under the snow. I realize that a few
acorns aren't
harmful but they are loving them. I've roped off one section but there are
more in the
pasture and in the winter without much snow roping it off isn't easy. I read
that mature
acorns aren't as toxic as green ones or the new buds and leaves in the
spring. We've been
here for 3 years and haven't had an issue. Should i be concerned? they can
get to grass
that is brown and with our weird winter has been well rinsed! Why are they
craving the
acorns? Are they high in sugar?

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