Re: Fact Files

Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Hi Makyla and All...good luck with your horse. I am sure you are quite worried
about his decline in condition. My 22 yr. old guy does not eat the stemmy pieces
of timothy any longer, but he still eats the soft brome hay I bought to feed my
Icelandic. The brome is not as nutritious, but I also feed Eq. Sr. and oil and I
fed a little bit of soaked alfalfa cubes (1-2#/day) for a couple of weeks to put
back on some weight lost during a stressful event. I don't know if the stress or
the alfalfa caused the laminitis, though...and I won't feed alfalfa unless I
have no other choice. There may be some choices for your horse as he loses his
chewing ability. I think people can get pretty resourceful when they have to.
Good luck! Kay in AK

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