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ABC has some natural and holistic supplements, they
have a cushings supplement that they did a 2 year
study on, I was going to participate in the study by
my vet at the time wouldn't co-operate. I haven't put
my horse on the supplement because I have not been
able to look at the results of their study. Joyce
Harman the vet I was talking about advertises a
chemical free grain mix in the catalogue. The web
site is I also think meadowsweet
herbs was working on a cushings supplement. I am
reluctant to use anything that I can't read the
research on. I am thinking of going to the Harman
feed with added vitamins to cut down on the glucose
and additives in my horses diet. It is difficult for
me to control her feed program now as I have my horses
boarded but I'm hoping to be able to move where I can
have them at home and be able to control things
better. My horse has been doing ok since I took her
off purina senior sweet feed and feed her a pelletted
feed 3 times a day. She was pretty sad last year but
today in fact I was thinking she looks much better,
I've been riding her and we practiced a 1st level
quadrille today since one of the team members couldn't
make the practice, me and my horse filled in. She's
around 30ish.

--- Carla Davis <lmdavis@...> wrote:
What is the A-B-C catalog? I thought I got every
catalog known to the horse
world. I don't have that one. If it pertains to
treating my dear cushings
friend I'm interested.

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1. Re introduction
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Date: 11 Feb 2000 05:35:51 -0000
From: yellowhorse98@...
Subject: Re introduction

I've met you both already and thanks Robin for
initiating this. I e-mailed
a vet in Va. Joyce Harman, who has some products
listed in the A-B-C
catalogue and she will do a consultation on my mare
when I move. The funny
thing is she was my horses fisrt vet. She had just
gotten out of vet school
and was doing a residency at the clinic that took
care of the barn horses.
From what she says she is an holistic vet and uses
many diffrent modalities.
I'll let you know what she has to say. It won't be
for another month
probably. I


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