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Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Hi Robin, Chris, Makyla and All....great posts this morning and you all have
me feeling much better. My horse was a tad better this morning, too, which
always raises my spirits.

Robin, thanks for the link...I will check it out. I've also got a call in to
my old vet for a phone consultation. I'll be starting my horse on penicillin
today and may pull his shoes tomorrow if he's not better yet.

Chris, Purina Strategy sounds promising...maybe I can get the only local
feed store to order some for me. understanding is that alfalfa causes increased drinking and
urination. I used to notice the increased urination years ago when my guy
had alfalfa in his feed program. I feed no grain at present, and only 1#
oats/day before the laminitis, because it helped his appetite.

Both of your Permax prices sound better than what I am paying, although I
haven't gotten out my calculator to compare. I get 90 1mg. tablets for about
$195. I was incorrect when I said Domino got .25...he's been getting .5mg
for a year and now I've gone to a cost of about $5/day. It wouldn't
hurt for me to look for a cheaper supply.

Chris, your words about weighing the pros and cons were good. Part of the
equation is my emotional expense, which sometimes really seems high. I'm not
someone who can put a problem out of my mind, unfortunately, so I get pretty
stressed-out by horse and I are too much alike :0). The $ cost
has been astronomical, but not bad enough to make me give up. I really keep
coming back to the quality of life issues for Domino. As long as he's
resonably happy, eating and wanting to life I'll keep working. I do have to
reevaluate before we get into winter, though, as things become much harder
because of nature. Dom just got through his first Fairbanks winter well,
until the laminitis when the weather and light had improved, so winter per
se wasn't the problem I thought it would be.

Makyla...lucky you living in Davis, CA. Do you use the UCDavis veterinary
resources? What I wouldn't give for some sophisticated imaging equipment,
although I guess that would just be ultra bucks more.

You are are just terrific!!! My husband is very patient and generous, but he
doesn't really understand horses or problems that can't be fixed. Kay in

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