Feeding Thyro-L, etc.


HI, Robin -

Are there any clinical studies to back up your statement below?

"Something the vets have NOT recognized, but human endricrinologists have &
I've proven with my own mare -- do NOT feed vitamin mineral supplements in
the same feeding as Thyrol-L it interferes with the uptake and you have to
feed literally twice as much to get the same

I would really be interested in knowing this. My vet, a very sharp cookie,
never mentioned anything about this when I recently emailed her an updated
feed chart on my gelding, Bug.

Right now, Bug's daily grain is comprised of:

2 quarts daily - Blue Seal Strider Pellets (11% protein, low carbohydrate)
2 quarts daily - Whole Oats

Top Dressings (split between a.m. and p.m. feedings) include:

Soybean Oil (for added fat)
Vita-Flex Accel Lifetime (with probiotics and Gluta-Syn)
Corta-Flx (for mild arthritis)
Thyro-L (for suppressed thyroid)
Cyproheptadine (for Cushing's symptoms)
Bug Oil Garlic Powder (for fly control)

He's also on about 1/2–3/4 bale per day of mixed grass hay. I'm going to
switch over to Canadian timothy this fall as I haven't been pleased with
local hay production here in Maine. If anyone knows a good source of Canadian
hay who will deliver to southern Maine, please email me privately with
contact info!

I've heard good things about all kinds of oil, but soybean oil seems very
economical and from my reading, has good benefits in the form of Omega 3 and
Omega 6 fatty acids. Goodness knows we humans eat enough of it — most
everything labeled "vegetable oil" in the grocery store IS 100% soybean oil.
Does anyone have feedback on it?

Twenty-year-old Bug is actually doing so well these days that I've decided to
lease him for the summer. It was a difficult decision, as I've become SOOO
protective of him.

He seems perfectly sound, and will be shod with plates and Shock Tamer rim
pads to help him stay that way. The leasee is a young woman who lives 90
minutes from my house and desperately wants a horse to do some light trail
riding. She's promised to follow my (pages and pages) of detailed care
instructions to the letter, knows that I'll be making unannounced visits to
check in, and will lavish him with love. I really think this will benefit the
horse, who, if he stays at my house, will only be a pasture pig. I have a
very hectic work schedule and am currently too heavy to want to ride him.

Best wishes to all of you dealing with this insidious disease. Take heart —
15 months ago, I thought I'd have to put Bug down as he dealt with founder
and an immune system which just "crashed" all at once!

Paula Brown
Poland, ME

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