I have a toxic poisoning going on - something called China Berry tree...been
keeping him going for 5 days...but his CK is 46,500 and his AST is 23,800
and his LD is 29,000 - I got his glucose down to normal in one day with
cinnamon, and getting his protein up slowly with milk thistle...those were his worst
culprits...but what do I do about those high CK,AST and LD...they should be
CK 50-350, AST 164-308, and LD 110-290! They went up in two days from CK
8,500, AST 996, and LD 1270. Please help if you can. He's also not eating, but
we have him on fluids of course. Any ideas for herbal or anything else would
be appreciated.
Nancy Nunke
_http://www.spotsnstripes.com_ (

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