Desert Local... :o) & World Cup...

Robin <Eclectk1@...>

Hi Chris!

I'm in Las Vegas... Would love to know of your hay sources if any are
anywhere near here.

On a second and much less serious subject, any of you coming out for
the world cup this weekend? Would love to meet up (how can I resist
going, its right here just about 5 miles away!!!). :o)

Will try to get a start on a faq file (or any of you feel free to
jump in and start an msword or wordperfect file, I can convert it so
its usable), but it will be a bit slow for me to get time and fit it
in, I'm more than swamped. Lordy, I took several months even
initiating this list!! (how embarrassing!!!) If anyone else starts
taking a stab at it, just let me know or shoot it my direction. Or,
send suggestions to the list here with Subject title: FAQ
Contribution, and limit content to the suggested item. That would be
easy for me to pick up and compile. Otherwise I'll get a start on it
as I can. I think it would be useful tho, not only for newcomers,
but for all of us when we need a memory jog, or when we need to
record new and important information...

Desert Springs Sport Horses
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