Thyrol-l and Vit/Mineral Supps...

Robin <Eclectk1@...>

Hi Paula,

There are clinical studies, I'm pretty sure. I actually ran across
the information several years ago doing massive web searches for ANY
true ESTABLISHED medical information on Cushings... and began looking
at all the information available on Cushings disease in humans.
Thats were I found reference to NOT taking vitamine/mineral
supplements at the same time as Thyrol-L. Apparently
Endricrinologists (sorry bout spelling!) have found this to be the
case and people are, if their docs are good & up to date, commonly
cautioned to not take vit/min supps at the same meal as the thyrol-
l. Not that it hurts anything, you just have to use a LOT more
thyrol-l to get the same uptake!

I had an excellent vet at the time and mentioned it to him -- he'd
never heard of it and neither have several vets I've asked since. I
showed the information/printout to my vet, he now also recommends
against feeding them at the same time.

I wanted to be able to split up the thyrol-l into AM & PM feedings,
and still be able to feed vitamins... so I tried an empirical
experiment, and its easy with my mare -- she gets that wooly buggar
coat (and will keep it even in 115 temps) if she's not getting
sufficient thyrol-l. If she's getting enough, she begins shedding it
within two weeks and sheds totally within about 3 weeks. When I
started adding Sho-glo (vit/min supplement) in same feeding as the
thyrol-l, not changing ANYTHING else, within about 2 1/2 weeks she's
beginning to grow massive hair that isn't shedding either. Changed
it so that she got Thyrol-l in AM feeding (back then I was using
sweet feed), vit/min supplement in PM feeding... presto, within less
than 2 weeks, hair begins shedding massively... started dropping the
dosage until I had it so that it was just enough to keep that winter
coat from growing back in, and I found that I could literally use
half as much if I wasn't feeding at the same time as vit/mins. I
repeated this entire cycle two more times, just to be sure, worked
like clockwork each time. I'm convinced.

Unfortunately I don't know if I can find the article again... it was
on a recognized human medicine/endrincrinology site... I'm sure I
printed it out -- and I'm also sure its under a million other
reference papers & would take me quite some time to dig out. Sigh.
I need someone who LOVES organizing PAPER!!! :o)

OK, more later,

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