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Hi folks...I havn't had much input here for awhile, since I havn't had a
'situation' needing your services for awhile...but I've been watching
regularly...of course, and still appreciate all that each of you go through or have
gone through with these dear horses with Cushings and related conditions.
However, I do have a mare with chronic laminitis...don't know how she got it
originally, but was sold the mare for a big price, then found out later through an
acquaintance of the seller that the owner had many bouts of it with the
mare...and I had my first bout of it with her about 3 months after getting her
when she became pregnant, then again when she foaled...then again when I moved
her to another pen...then again when I weaned her baby...well, you get the
picture...and it took about 3 months each time to get her back to what would be
considered the best normal situation for her, and I always came back here to
see the latest and greatest advice for that, which appears continuously,
thank goodness.

I want to tell you about magnetic resonance stimulation therapy...and
briefly how I got introduced to it...I sold a trained zebra to a lady from
Switzerland, and she had to come for special zebra training for a few weeks before I
would let her take her zebra to Switzerland. She brought her human magnetic
resonance system with her. She is also the European expert in equine magnetic
resonance therapy, and has written a book (in German) for its use. (It's not does so much more and is quite different)

I'll try to keep my story short , and apologize for the length of this post,
but I'm trying to make it as short as I can and still let you know seriously
what I have found. My 25 yr old QH mare had injured her hip severely by
slipping on wet ground 2 weeks before, and nothing we were doing
recommended putting her down...we used the MRS on her...and in 5 days you would
never have known anything happened...a mini baby (being weaned) colicked 3 days
later, and instead of banamine and tubing...she used the MRS on him first,
and in 10 minutes he had all his belly sounds back, and manure in 20 minutes.
Before the lady left, I asked if I could purchase her system...and since
then we have had two more this same mare above...(mini) who
colicked when we weaned her baby, we used the MRS on her, and didn't have to tube
her...then in a couple of weeks she started having signs of ulcers and
laminitis, so we just used the MRS 3 times daily....and it arrested the laminitis and
the ulcers in just 10 days without any other now we are
using it preventively on her, and when she got pregnant again, we continued to
use it and had no signs of laminitis.We got a rescue thoroughbred mare who came
in with ulcers, and with no other treatment...they are now gone. A trainer
has a thoroughbred with back issues, flexor tendon issue, and arthritis in one
hock...and was going to give the mare back to the owner and say retire with the MRS the mare doesn't show a sign of any of these conditions.

My daughter has krones disease and it is working amazingly for her. A friend
just had a stroke a few months ago...and I loaned it to her for a few days
to see if it would help, 6 months after the stroke when she is still in bed
and can't move her left side, and after the first treatment she was able to
open her fingers on her left hand in just seconds, where that same morning it
took her an hour and a half to open them. Another friend with MS used it the
other night and her constant neck pain and migraine went away in just minutes
and has not been back for over a week with just one treatment...but of course,
she is going to order a system, as her disease is chronic and she'll need
many treatments. Another friend with diabetes has arrested her beginning foot
circulation problem completely.

There is a recommended sensitivity and time for Cushings horses, depending
upon the particular symtoms, severity, accompanying issues, etc. You don't
change diet, herbs, or drugs, from what is recommended here, unless and until
you see additional improvement and then can begin reducing the drug use little
by little until you reach a satisfactory state of affairs, and always contact
Eleanor or your current managing vet before making those changes. I don't
want to use up any more space here...but feel free to contact me if you want to
hear more about the system and what it can do. It helps many Cushings horses
in Europe. I have so many more anecdotes of horses recovering from illness
and injury so quickly. It completely boosts the immune system, and lines up
the ions and neutrons in the blood to generate healing. That's the short
version. I called the company and told them I just had to bring it to the
I now have worked out the customs, the way to pay for them, etc., (they are
in EU dollars) and can order them in, with about a 12 day delivery on them.
They are not cheap, be warned...about $2700 US for the human version which I
have used on my horses and others for months now, works just fine, except you
have to hold it on the horse...where the horse version, a blanket and leg
wraps with the units inside, is about $3700 US....but mine has already saved me
thousands and thousands of dollars in vet bills, but most importantly has
saved the lives of my horses and others horses. I don't want this to seem like a
sales pitch, it is incidental that I called the company and told them I
really needed to introduce this system to the US...its the real life facts about
this system they have been using on horses, other animals and on people in
Europe for 12 years now...we should have known about it so much earlier. Every
vet should have one or more to rent out for a period of time for patients,
for faster recovery for wounds, bone fractures, illnesses, etc., (it increases
recovery time by 50%) and anyone with a chronic illness in a horse or who
owns or trains many horses should have one for daily use. I can set up
veterinarians to be able to provide systems for rent or purchase for their
patients.. I have used mine now on myself, my friends, my horses and others horses,
and dogs, for many months before I finally just had to admit how amazing it is,
time after time after time, no matter what is wrong with the animal or
person, and just had to bring it here, both the human version and the horse
version. Can it 'cure' everything...I have no idea, and I doubt it...that would be
just too incredible...but it does amazing things for the body, and I've seen
it cure acute conditions, and help chronic conditions to the point of
returning the person or animal to what most would see as 'normal', and often with
just limited use, up to 50% - 85% improved conditions. Animals don't lie, and
don't have psychosomatic, placebo type perceptions of improvement in their
condition, so when they show improvement, it is real. With the human unit, a
doctor in Germany gets a patient history and will work with you to get the
maximum benefits from the use of the system. With the horse unit, my now friend
in Switzerland, the equine expert, will work with us to get your horse on the
right usage program. I'm going to try to find a Cushing's horse local to me,
offer to treat the horse with the MRS system, and will report back to you on
the results. I have no reason to doubt any of the Cushings anecdotes from
Europe, but still want to see what happens on a daily basis with my own eyes.
If anyone wants to just go ahead and get a system, I'll be happy to get the
order placed quickly for you. I'll send you the 'brochure' and long version of
how it works via email, just write me and ask, even if you want to wait until
I get the results of a test Cushings case here.

When I first came to this board years ago, it was because I had a horse
dying with hyperlipidemia, and lost her because I didn't get here soon enough for
real help and was just trying to bandaid a too severe I'm
forever grateful for Eleanor and everyone else's experiences here and the
priceless advice...and now I hope I can be of help to others with the magnetic
resonance therapy system so that we can save more of your horses and keep them
pain free longer, and hopefully reduce many of the symptoms and continuous
costs. Sorry this was so long...I tried to shorten it the best I could.

Nancy Nunke
_http://www.spotsnstripes.com_ (

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