Re: Makyla... & thyroid & cushings symptoms

Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Robin, I thought it interesting that many of the symptoms you described as
being signs of thyroid insufficiency are also symptoms of Cushings. I guess
that's one reason why Cushings is not also diagnosed early enough. I
remember asking if my horse had a thyroid problem back a few years ago when
his hair coat showed irregularities and he had some other changes. The
thyroid tests didn't show anything really wrong and we didn't explore
further until last year, when slow-healing was the tip-off.

I also felt guilty, but I think none of us should beat ourselves up over
missing this. The vets should be picking Cushings up more...I actually felt
a bit angry at first, as I could have been treating the Cushings for at
least 2 years prior to the first laminitis episode and probably prevented
it. One thing I've learned about horses, is that you can always look back
and have regrets or say you should have done this or that. That's just the
way hindsight works and I try to not beat myself up too much anymore as I am
doing the best I can at any given time. Just my thoughts...Kay

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