Found A Cushings Horse for MRS treatment


Hi Folks: I just had a response back from someone living close to me so
that I can do daily magnetic resonance stimulation treatments on a Cushings
horse, with the Enerpuls system....So I'll take you all along for the ride...I am
going to meet the owner and the horse at their home in two hours.

The horse is 36 years old, a Quarter Horse mare, diagnosed with Cushings
about 6 years ago. She has very long, curly hair that never sheds, and so has to
be shaved every spring. The owner, John, says he fills many trash bags with
the hair. She currently does not have any foot problems, but she has gone
blind in her left eye, and is losing teeth. He currently does not have her on a
special diet, although he doesn't feed her hay. She is on Senior feed with
oat bites. She has been on condroitin, but they ran out a couple of weeks ago,
and will get more for her.

This was a very active horse all her life, working for the Fish and Game
department. John is a biologist and she travelled miles and miles for years with
him in his work in the 'outback'. She is a registered quarter horse, 14
hands. John has owned Dolly her whole life...what a wonderful story...they have
been best friends and work mates for 36 years.

So, to keep with protocol, we will have the vet run current tests on her,
confirming her status as a Cushings patient, then will treat her with the MRS
system for 2 weeks, and run tests again to see what, if anything, has changed
for her in her panel. Then I will recommend to John that he consider her diet
a little more, and will have him join this group so that he will be able to
get the best information from Dr. Kellen and all rest of you wonderful people
who stay here and help all the newcomers.

Once we have the diet changed, we will run blood tests again two weeks
later, while continuing the MRS treatment.

I am still looking for a horse who has Cushings with some laminitis issues
as well, and will put that horse into the MRS (Cushings test) program as soon
as I find the horse.

Now, I want to be sure that our veterinarian runs the cushings tests exactly
according to protocol....I know I have read some problems with that. Dr.
Kellen, could you please send me the exact protocol so that I can hand it to
John's veterinarian so we don't make any mistakes with this study. Thanks so

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