Food Goitergens

Makyla Waters <twolegged@...>

Hello all - As I continue my search to learn what I can about my horse's new
condition, one thing caught my eye about food goitergens and thyroid
problems. In humans it is known that certain foods interfere with the
iodine uptake and thus cause thyroid problems. One group of such foods is
the brassica family such as cabbage. Well, I just searched on the subject
and found out that canola oil is made from a brassica family seed and is
considered a food goitergen! I guess I'll take canola oil off my list of
foods for my horse! Makes me wonder about all our increased use of soy and
canola oil in our diets and the increased thyroid problems in our society...
(I know there is alot of other reasons, but this isn't helping!)

Take care, Makyla & 4-legged friends

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