Re: Results of Magnetic Resonance Stimulation Therapy!!!


Hi folks...well, the results are in for the 36 year old QH mare that has had
Cushings for 6 years, long, curly hair that has not shed for years...blind
in left eye...and the beginning of foot trouble.

We just got the tests back by telephone from the vet...he will follow with
hard copy...he can't believe his own eyes...since he didn't believe there
would be any difference in the horse at all with the use of the Magnetic
Resonance Stimulation Therapy...called 'Enerpuls', which is the horse version. The
MRS 'pads' are installed in the horse blanket. We put it on her twice a day for
24 minutes each time for two weeks.

The mare has not been on any special diet, nor has she been on any drugs the
entire course of her Cushings.

The vet just told me that her pituitary function has improved by 30% in the
two weeks on the MRS system. It is what I only hoped for but had no idea if
we would get it. I'll post her information as soon as I get the hard copy of
the results.

I took video of her way of going on day one and will take more video
tomorrow. After just a few days I also took video. Her stride was up and down and
she didn't track in her front steps at all. Now her stride is much longer and
she is tracking well...amazing!

There is one more Cushings horse I just discovered that also is not on any
drugs, and I will put this horse on the same twice a day treatment as I did
the other. We will have the vet run the Cushings tests the day before we start,
as we did this one, and the day after we finish, also as we did this one.

The owner also reports, though shedding has just begun on his other horses,
that the Cushings horse is shedding as much as his two other horses are this

Since I have to pull the Enerpuls treatment from the horse and start the
other horse, I don't know if a full shed would result or not...unless the owner
decides to purchase an Enerpuls unit himself for the horse.

Nancy Nunke
_http://www.spotsnstripes.com_ (

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