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Hi, Did this list just start? Let me introduce myself. I live in the
mountains of So Calif. I have two horses. A 6yo Morgan gelding and a
22yo HalfMorgan mare. My mare has Cushings. She is on pergolide and many
nutritional supplements. I use quite a few of ABC's products. I was in
the study for Cushings but dropped out as one of the stipulations was
that you use ABC Plus. It is expensive and I did not see any real
difference while she was on it. I am pleased with her progress at this
point and so is the vet! I would love to share/hear what everyone else
is doing for their cushingoid horses. Also I am in search of a decent
worming routine. Any suggestions? Cushings can complicate this issue so
I am being very cautious.
Thanks and looking forward to sharing the trials and successes of caring
for our friends,

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