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Hi everyone -
Can't remember if I ever formally did an intro on this list .The SHORT
I have a 16 year old Arab Gelding diagnosed with Cushings when he
foundered badly last fall (11 degrees right , 7 degrees left). Had the
longer winter coat for at least 7 years prior but shed out normally. Sweated
more than the other horses in the summer but never lame before (although did
have a tripping problem for years unless shod frequently).
It's been a very long 5 months as he is still quite lame - we tried the
frog support thing , the backward shoe thing , etc. -not much improvement
clinically - now have been doing the Strasser trim thing with a
Sabre-sneaker boot ( our version of her rubber mats in the clinic) for a
month along with suplements and he finally seems to be turning around -
crossing my fingers here.
So now about the Permax : We have had him on 1 mg/day for 4 months -
very expensive - with "connections" I can get it for $335 - $350 for only
100 pills (100 days worth).
Since he hasn't shown much improvement the Vet is thinking of increasing
his dose (!)
My Vet says he's heard that the Permax is only 1/4 - 1/3 the cost in
Mexico. Says they have Pharmacies where people go (with a US prescription)
for their heart meds and chemo when their insurance wont pay .
I tried giving a friend of mine some cash when she went on vacation down
there to buy success - they had to order it in - got only the 0.25
mg pills - and wanted to charge her MORE for it than I pay here.-she almost
didn't get her money back from the pharmacy (they wanted it in advance).
Does anyone have any Mexican connections who could find out about this ?


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How much do you pay for your Permax? If it is much
cheaper here I would be happy to pick up and send you what you need.

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