Re: Cost of Permax #2

Nora & Gary <NRGDB@...>

OK...seems everyone pays a different price !
Maybe we could all post where we get ours much we pay for how
many tablets of how many mg. each - these tablets are small and light -
maybe a pharmacy would be willing to ship ?? They wouldn't cost more than
$3.20 priority mail .
Also - Price-less Drugs and Wal-Mart Pharmacy will match the price of
any mail in ( or internet)pharmacy if you can show them the price -
Everything seems to cost more here in California.
The best price I've gotten was $335 for 100 1 mg pills and my local
Price-Less matched that. $195 for 90 tablets sounds like a much better
price! What pharmacy ???
Maybe if we formed a "Cushings Co-op" we could get one pharmacy to order
a LARGE quantity at a discount and pass that discount onto us ??
Meanwhile - as per my last post..anyone know about Mexican pharmacies ?


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Subject: [EquineCushings] Digest Number 24
Date: Sat, Apr 22, 2000, 2:57 AM
Both of your Permax prices sound better than what I am paying, although I
haven't gotten out my calculator to compare. I get 90 1mg. tablets for about
$195. I was incorrect when I said Domino got .25...he's been getting .5mg
for a year and now I've gone to a cost of about $5/day. It wouldn't
hurt for me to look for a cheaper supply.

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