Re: Cost of Permax #2

Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Hi Everyone...

I made a mistake when I said I was paying $195 for 90 pills. I actually only get
45 1mg pills for that...I was forgetting that 45 pills would last for 90 days
once I split them in half....goofed on the arithmatic. It looks like what I pay
is pretty much in line with everyone else. I get mine through Fred Meyer
pharmacy, which is a department store type chain in the Pacific Northwest and

An update on my horse Domino...I talked with my former vet last night...she knows
this horse really well and is very sharp. She basically contradicted all the
treatments my new, local vet has tried with no success to eliminate Dom's
current, mild laminitis.
I have much more confidance in her and will involve her from now on. I'll not
increase the Permax dose after all, but stick with .5 mg/day as for the past
year. The front shoes will be pulled today (reverse shoes) and I will make
insulation foam slippers. I'm hopeful this will finally help. Good luck
with all your horses, Kay in AK

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