Advice on ? for vet.


I'm about to have my horse evaluated by a new vet and trying to
organize my thoughts, so what questions/tests would you present to a
new vet? I don't want to get home and say why didn't I cover that.
This is a consult and not the regular vet.
My horse has a dubious cushing's diagnosis, the first series of tests
indicated cushings and the second series didn't. I had problems with
the first vet who would not give me copies of the test results from
the first work up so I'm not even sure of what they were and why she
thought my horse has cushings, the only thing she said was my horse
was critically ill and there was nothing to do but turn her out and
wait for the end since it wasn't worth spending the $ for meds. That
was 2 years ago and my horse doesn't look any worse, just more tired
and old. The second vet said although the blood work didn't
cushings definitively that due to my horses coat, thisrt and peeing
she wouldn't rule it out, also the blood work wasn't completely
normal, the insulin and glucose levels were abnormal but not by much.
That vet has repeated insulin and glucose on her a few times and has
told me she's not in too bad shape and to ride her lightly. There
something not right with my horse so I want to find out what the
problem is.
Is anyone aware of any other disease that could look like cushings
that this consult vet could work-up? We did a thyroid work-up, it
Thanks, Linda

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