Something to consider.


When I first noticed something was wrong I put my horse on
for arthritis. This horse ahd been sound and healthy, still
in her late 20's. Her last 25 mile ride was 3 years ago and she did
well, I made that her last distance ride because although she
well, she was tired, it was the first time I had felt that kind of
tiredness, bless her she kept going until we finished but was really
exhausted the next few days, she was in great condition for it. I had
the vet out and she said that my horse was old and maybe arthritis
acting up so I put her on supplements. Then a series of things
happened, she fell down for the first time in her life and started
getting hurt in the field, couldn't manage in the big herd. She also
would pee alot, once we were going up a steep hill and she stopped to
pee, it was a very uncomfortable position for her to get in and I
thought strange for a horse to put themselves so off balance. It was
little things, she had always been on a handful of feed and I had to
keep upping it. My original vet finally did the cushings work-up,
insulin, glucose levels and the dexamethasone test. She said all the
blood work came back bad, and her glucose levels were critically
I had her on supplements this whole time.
I changed her diet and living situation, also took her off the
supplements except for thiamine and vit c, the new vet redid the
glucose and insulin but we didn't repeat the dex test. Also did
thyroid, kidney and liver work-up. Since my origianl vet did not
the new one the lab results, the new vet had nothing to compare it
but felt that while her glucose was a little higher than normal, the
rest of it looked good. She has not completely shedded out but isn't
looking too bad, her weight is better, she's very happy in her new
home, she still drinks alot and pees alot. I started riding her
after 2 years off.
I'd like to find out from this third vet what meds she should be on,
would have started the permax but if she doesn't have cushings I
want to waste money or possibly give her something that could add to
her problems. Or worse not treat her for what her problem is. From
what Robin has said about the thyroid med, maybe that would be a good
way to go but like I said, I don't know what's wrong with her. Could
she just be diabetic? I have her on low carb high fat high protien
diet. Sometimes she gets very stiff and other times she's pretty
Sorry this is long, I'm hoping the next vet can tell me something.
The second vet in NJ was a geriatric equine vet and she leaned
cushings but couldn't say for sure, she had suggested a trial of

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