Re: Purina Mare & Maintenance

Sherri Soper <ssoper@...>

Hi Kassy,
Are you wanting to use this due to a mare in-foal ??
I had 4 foals this year - and all my girls that foaled are non-
IR/Cushings - but are on nothing but a handful of a pelleted feed -
a bit of soaked Beet Pulp (varies in quantity by age and ability to
hold weight) and the "BALANCED DIET" Flax - Iodized Salt - and the
rest that Eleanor specifies (HorseTech mixes) to my hay for my
Cushings/IR mare - only in 1/2 quantity....
All had big strapping healthy foals with the straightest legs etc
you could ever see.....

Sherri and Leth

--- In EquineCushings@..., Kathleen Hardy
<khardy_13@...> wrote:

Being new to all this, is this
good? 10% NSC ok?

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