Re: feed analysis help needed -How many ways can I plead?


Regarding Linda's quality of life question (and please remember to trim
posts, not quote someone else's entire message), the whole point of the dietary
modifications being recommended here is precisely to improve quality of life.
The strict adherence to proper diet is what can prevent founder, not cause
it. (the phraseology was "Is dying in the next few years, with grass between
his teeth, better than living another 10, head hanging low in the pasture,
miserable, w/ a muzzle hanging from his face, BUT with great labs, only then to

An uncontrolled diet is what is likely to cause laminitis and its frequent
sequel, founder. A horse that feels well, enjoys life. A horse with
uncontrolled metabolic problems is usually the one that is just plain feeling
'yucky', not enjoying life. If you will actually commit to doing what needs to be
done, 100%, I think you will be amazed at the change in your horse, for the
better. I am not normally so blunt, but I was perceiving that a proverbial
kick in the seat of the pants was called for at this time<G>. If I was wrong, I


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