Volunteers are Our Lifeblood

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Everything you learn from the ECIR outreach groups is the result of many hardworking people from all backgrounds who share the passion for our special horses. The ECIR group is made up of veterinarians, farriers, nutritionists, and medical doctors. There are those of us who do not have scientific backgrounds, but are everyday horse owners who found our way to ECIR when we didn’t know where to turn.

ECIR Group is over 12,000 international members on Yahoo outreach alone.   By collecting histories and laboratory data from thousands of horses with PPID and IR, we have been able to carefully monitor responses to treatment and management changes, both good and bad. This is real life, in-the-barn, research at its best. It is also the largest field trial in the world.  No one else has what the ECIR Group has.

There is much more to come. This work can not be done without the help of a growing group of passionate volunteers, many of whom you have never seen. 

Our deepest thanks go to our 2015 army of volunteers who:

Review and summarize the latest research
Provide reports from personal barn experiences
Help us understand equine physiology
Help us understand our diagnosis, diet, trim and exercise plans
Guide newcomers in learning the ropes
Provide behind-the-scenes organization
Aid in conference planning
Assist with our web site and internet development
Help us with public relations
Help raise funds for nonprofit goals
Manage our administrative needs 
Provide ongoing online support
Guide us through their governance oversight.

We are all educators who make our world a better place by sharing the knowledge we gain from our experiences and our skill sets. Thanks to these generous volunteers:

2015 ECIR Group outreach volunteers

Susan, Web Support
Cassandra Bernstein, Tech Ambassador
George Brown, Tech Ambassador
LeeAnne Bloye, Archivist, Databases
Lorna Cane, Moderator
Nancy Collins, Moderator, Administration, Facebook
Claire Cox, Moderator
Jaini Clougher, BSc., BVSc., Moderator
Susie Cranney, Databases, Tech Ambassador
Ferne Fedeli, Databases
Amberlee Ficociello, Web Support
Lavinia Fiscaletti, Moderator
Lesley Fraser, Tech Ambassador
Ulrike Popkin-Gast, Databases
Susie Gordon, MD, Moderator
Kathleen Gustafson, PhD, Research, Databases
Carla Hawks, Databases, Web Support
Jennie Hollis, Moderator
Cheryl Hooper, Moderator
Casey James, Databases
Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD, Moderator, Chief Volunteer
Cheryl Kirkus, Moderator
Susie (Sita) Laurino - Databases
Fran Metzger, Databases, Facebook
Pauline Naudi, Primary Response
Teresa Palumbo, Moderator
Joan Plevich, Databases
Maggie Rodgers, Moderator, Primary Response
Valeree Smith, Moderator
Jannalee Smithey, EDO, Databases, Administration
Patty Sobel, Databases

2015 Conference organizers and helpers:

Judy and Bill Carson
Jaini Clougher, BSc., BVSc.
Nancy Collins
Ulrike Popkin-Gast
Kathleen Gustafson, PhD
Christi Humphrey
Barbara Kelly
Christina Kuenen
Jodie Jensen
Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD
Cindy McGinley
Maggie Rodgers
Jannalee Smithey, EDO

Extra special thanks to:

Fran and Paul Metzger, Conference Hosts
Natalie Washburn, Super Conference Volunteer
Allana Kereluk,Graphic Design

2015 ECIR Group Inc. nonprofit volunteers:

Lorna Cane, Advisory Body
Nancy Collins, Treasurer, Director
Jaini Clougher, BSc., BVSc., President, Director, Veterinary Advisor
Claire Cox, Advisory Body, Nominating Committee
Kathleen Gustafson, PhD, Director, Research Advisor
Christi Humphrey, Governance, Organizational
Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD, Veterinary Advisor
Patti Kuvik, Advisory Body, Financial, Nominating Committee
Fan Metzger, Director, PR
Jannalee Smithey, EDO, Secretary, Director, Research 

Extra special thanks to:

Harry Vogel, Senior Biologist, Executive Director, Loon Preservation Committee, Governance, Research
Roberta McCollum, CPA, MBA, MST, Toscano, Ardito, and McCollum, PC, CPA, Financial 
VPGraphix, Web Support

Lastly, but by far the most important, thank you to the horses and their owners who have sought out and supported the ECIR Group by contributing their data.  It cannot be done without you.

Eleanor in PA

“You know those credit card commercials that run through a bunch of things with price tags and end with a moment that's "priceless"? That is truly how I feel every time a new member comes here frazzled or wired and strung out after being told their horse, pony, donkey or mule should be euthanized and then later tells us about the light coming back in their eyes, those first voluntary steps out of a stall, the first spontaneous trot, buck or canter or when the feet start to concave and a hundred other positive signs of getting well. Most of all, it's about the animals.”  

Eleanor M Kellon, VMD

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