Re: Tina - AAKG

J Amick

I originally started with the NOS from Walmart, long before this info
hit the list here.
Then I ordered from Bodybuilding etc, and I now get my AAKG from
Bunny in 2# bags.
Bunny's is in a powdered form, great service and she is
trustworthy. She has a wealth of
experience with this product as she is the moderator for the DSLD
group. The AAKG
has helped immensely with many breeds.

As was stated she can be reached at dsldinfo@...
<> .

briarskingstonnet wrote:

Which potency should be be purchasing?
This is what I ordered:
HP081 Higher Power AAKG Powder, 1.1 Lbs. $25.95 2 $51.90
Subtotal: $51.90
Shipping cost: $19.99

Total: $71.89



2nd Try: L-Lysine or L-LysineHCL?

tomtriv <Lee_Skee@...>

Hi all,
Just want to check that I have the correct type of Lysine. I got 1
kg of Monohydrochloride 95% Feed Grade for $10 at a local feed store
that makes up pig feed.The bag says it is Manufactured in the USA by
Archer Daniels Midland
Co.Decatur, IL.

The guaranteed analysis is:
L-Lysine (minimum) 78.8%
Moisture (maximum) 1.5%

I intend to feed Dawn 10 mg/day. A kilo will last a pretty long time
so, are there any storage needs I should know about? I thought I
read somewhere that it should be kept dry?

Newmarket, Ontario
Case History:

Good-bye to Party

minesafety <MineSafety@...>

Although new to this group, I am so sorry to read about Party. Although
none of us can make you feel any better, my Mom, a long time ago,
helped me cope with the death of my beloved companions with these
thoughts, and in my 47 years, this has served me well. We will almost
always out-live our beloved animals. For whatever reason, they are only
here for a short while. It could be a year or it could be 20. We teach
each other life's lessons, and for this we are grateful. Let them go
knowing that you provided them with a good home, and you loved them
deeply. And there are horses (dogs, cats whatever) who would love to
have you as a companion and who are out there, desparately waiting to
have someone like you. And if you have it in you, even though you just
lost your dear companion, seek them out. They need a home, they need
love, and they need you.

-- Ellen Smith

Re: ADM hay replacer

Erin R. <figure1789@...>

You might call their number on the web site and ask them that question and
also they may have a mailer bag to send you to send it in. They did that
when I sent in hay years ago. But you don't have to. Just be sure the bag
is clean and never had anything in it before to contaminate it.

You're right about them giving you free mailers. They'll send you as many
as you want, and it is very convenient and of course, free postage! You can
also request them via email. I just sent my hay in, and indeed the
recommended test is "the trainer" at $49.
Erin and Nick, Ohio

Re: It's time to say good-bye



I am very sorry to read that it is time for Party to cross the rainbow
bridge. Other people have said it before me, but his spirit will not
leave you, and if possible, will find a way to let you know. I know
this from losing Deuce many years ago to navicular and this summer
from losing my dear kitty Jasmine.

Melody and Dusty

Re: Sedating for Testing, was No blood for testing - now what?

papballou <PapBallou@...>

--- In EquineCushings@..., Abby Bloxsom <dearab@...> wrote:

This opens the door for me to ask a question that has been really
bothering me for several days. A friend of mine has a horse that had
laminitis in April of this year following vax and concurrently being
turned out on spring mountain grass. After three weeks, horse was
fine. I have been down the IR road and lost a horse, so don't want the
owner to deal with this. My interest is not only because of
friendship, but I trim for her as well.

Horse has been fine all year - arena, trails, problems.
First heavy snow and wham...can't walk. (Owner recalls the same thing
happening last December). Vet says it's bruising (from where??? The
snow??) but the horse is not comfortable at all even in boots/pads. I
have given my friend all the info I can get from the group (she has no
internet access) but as of yesterday, the vet doesn't want to do labs
until the horse is feeling better.

So - giving the benefit of the doubt - will a laminitis episode
artificially skew the insulin or glucose results? This is the same
vet that told be for 3 years my mare was *normal*, and after she was
put down, I find the info on the G;I ratio and she was IR all along.

Thanks -


Sedating for Testing, was No blood for testing - now what?

Abby Nemec

Sandra Su wrote:
At 1:02 PM +0000 12/21/07, Abby Bloxsom wrote:
... and we can't get accurate EC/IR bloodwork under sedation.
Why is that? Last test, Penny was sedated, since she, too, goes into a frenzy when she gets shots. We decided one shot to sedate her was easier. At the time, I wondered if this would affect her tests, but I thought I had been told it wouldn't. Now I can't remember: was it my vet or this list that said so?
Probably your vet. If you search the archives, it will be back in spring 2004 that we discussed this for Tony. The sedation won't affect CBC, I don't think, or probably a lot of the chemistry, but it definitely affects the insulin, glucose, and ACTH. Tony had normal ACTH, low insulin I think, and glucose over 150.

I thought of doing this again, but if it skews the results, there's no point to it. However, if Penny gets worked up over the blood draws, then won't that raise her ACTH? I hear stress does that.
Yup. That's why we don't bother testing Tony.

So, for spring shots and tests, which way is best? If we don't sedate her, we could do ACTH first. She might not be in such distress with the first needle, though the mere sight of the vet probably causes her stress. Even just seeing the vet's truck makes her nervous.
I don't know how long it takes for the ACTH to be elevated after the beginning of a stressful event.


Abby Bloxsom

Party Lights

shirleysedona <shirleysedona@...>

My prayers and tears are for you. I know the feeling you are
experiencing all too well. Rest assured Party won't be far away, as his
spirit will be close all the time.
You have given him a good life and now you are giving him the respect
and peace he deserves.

Re: ADM hay replacer


thanks Kathy.

? i am not going to be able to get it tested right away, i simply don't have the extra cash until i get my guy more comfortable and moved to new barn.

i will probably only use this as a last resort.? there are simply too many unanswered questions.


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Re: ADM hay replacer

Saucier Kathy

I'm not sure why that file is under safe feeds for IR horses. I hope someone else can answer it. Maybe until tested it should be listed like the other files on feeds (good and bad). But I don't know the answer to that.
As far as testing, go to
I think the one you would run is called Trainer (603). Someone who knows about what to ask for to test a grain or feed hopefully will speak up and either correct or confirm that. The 603 costs $49. I couldn't quickly find how much you send in but I was thinking a couple cups of it. You might call their number on the web site and ask them that question and also they may have a mailer bag to send you to send it in. They did that when I sent in hay years ago. But you don't have to. Just be sure the bag is clean and never had anything in it before to contaminate it.
One thing to remember is that any test run on a feed gives you the figures for that batch. There can be some variation from one batch to another depending on how the individual ingredients are running. Of course unless the company really pursues the end product to be exactly the same each time.

Yes those figures you mentioned are probably from the general analysis like you would find on the bag. Misses a lot of things we are looking for.
Oh and by the way if you only want to know sugar and starch, NSC (or ESC, etc. if they are testing the new way like we have been discussing on the group this year) you can just do that part for a smaller fee. You can even ask them to hold the sample and if you like the sugar and starch numbers and want to use the feed then have them finish out the other testing on it. Their NSC package #644 is $19.

The NFC figure they gave you doesn't make sense. If I have my facts straight, it will always be higher than the NSC and it is hard to get a feed down even to 10% NSC.
And as far as their minerals you or should I say your horse is better off doing your minerals custom. There are several people on here that can help you or pay for a consult with Dr. Kellon, but using the spreadsheet if you are handy with numbers will give you the ability to plug in your hay analysis and your feed analysis to see what is really missing and needs adding. I've not seen a manufactured mineral supplement that exactly matches what a diet is missing. How do they know what your hay will be. Often they won't even come close to some, and too much of another like iron. Then stuff in there you don't even need.

Hope that helps.

Re: It's time to say good-bye

Saucier Kathy

I can never forget you and Party.
You've been on the group a year longer than me and I deeply and lovingly remember you & Party and all you have gone through. You have been a hero
and someone for us to look up to in your dedication and love for Party.
My heart goes out to you. May your last days be comforting in the midst of the sorrow.
Kathy (& Magic and Grayson)

Re: Where and how much Jiaogulan?

Jax The Wonder Cat <jaxthewondercat@...>

Thank you for the websites and dosage. I looked through the files but couldn't find anything on dosage. Obviously I missed it! jamie

Re: grazing muzzle & snow

Katherine Morrow <sunflowerhill07@...>

Hi Linda,

Keep the muzzle on!!! The horses will paw their way thru the snow and eat the grass. Looks funny, I know I have great pictures from last year muzzle and snow. Hummmm, maybe I should find them after Christmas.


Linda <lindarollins38@...> wrote:
We got a foot of snow yesterday. Can Peanut forgo the muzzle today -
and for a few days to come? More snow this weekend too.

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Re: It's time to say good-bye

Jax The Wonder Cat <jaxthewondercat@...>

I'm so sorry Dagmar. jamie coughlin

Re: hay coring vs grab samples

Joan and Dazzle

Hi Clair,

The problem with "grab" samples as opposed to core samples are many.
Although it seems as if that should be a logical way to do it, in
fact, it does not give you a representative sample of what the hay
truly is.

When I look at my hay, there are stems, leaves, sometimes seeds.
There is the thicker, tough stuff and there are "fines". If I were
to grab a handfull of hay, the only thing that I could really hang
on to would be the bigger, thicker stuff. All of the fines, that my
horse also eats, would not be included because I didn't "scoop" out
the grab.

So, what's in the fines? Some of it is hay, some of it is seeds,
some of it is dirt and dust. But whatever it is, she EATS it.

Although her hay doesn't "look" dirty, when I core her hay, there's
an awful lot of this "fine" stuff in the baggie.

Based on the hay that I've tested (and I test every 3 months), I
think that I would have different results if I was missing
those "small pieces".

Joan and Dazzle

--- In EquineCushings@..., "cjspackman" <c.thunes@...>

Has anyone compared hay analysis results from a batch of hay taken
using a corer versus hand grabbing samples and mixing?

Re: It's time to say good-bye

Sherrie Hilliard

My prayers go out to you. Please see the prayer for your situation I
posted yesterday on the ECPhotos yahoo group. I think you'll find it
Blue's Mom

Re: It's time to say good-bye

briarskingstonnet <briars@...>

After it was all said and done, I realized
that I probably didn't make the decision at all - I think he did. I
think he was just tired.
Vicki,so well said.
I think that is a very important thing to remember...after all is said
and done....."I think he was just tired."

And so lucky for the horses whose humans recognize the message ,and
help them cross over,even as their own hearts feel as if they're being
ripped from their chests.

What a dreadful few months this has been,with so many losses.


Re: It's time to say good-bye

Suzie Mac Dougall <walking_s_mac@...>

Dee I know how hard this is for you, you have done a great job and made
Party's last years good, we all come to this stage one way or another
cushings or not it is part of the cycle of life, don't blame yourself -
sometimes these things happen - when Rose departed I wondered if I'd missed
something I should have seen but if I did it was part of the process of
Roses souls journey.

Hugs Suzie in Oz

From: EquineCushings@... [mailto:EquineCushings@...]
On Behalf Of Dagmar
Sent: Friday, 21 December 2007 12:15 PM
To: EquineCushings@...
Subject: [EquineCushings] It's time to say good-bye

It's time for me to let my boy Party go. He's endured enough. The last
2 weeks he's been in a lot of pain and there just isn't a whole heck
of a lot we can do for him any more. It's time for me to realize that
I have exhausted all venues, opinions, suggestions, many were contrary
to the belief of the mainstream horse community, many were against
what most mainstream vets would recommend, but I always went against
the stream, nothing new there.

Re: It's time to say good-bye

Vicki Kline <vlk@...>

--- In EquineCushings@..., "Dagmar" <nwhorselady@...> wrote:

It's time for me to let my boy Party go. He's endured enough. >
Dagmar aka Dee and Party my equine soul mate


I'm so sorry for you. We've had to euthanize 3 in the last 2 years.
One was my soul mate too. After it was all said and done, I realized
that I probably didn't make the decision at all - I think he did. I
think he was just tired.

I've been on this list forever too, and your stories of inspiration and
the help you've given us all will never be forgotten.

Vicki Kline

Dee and Party

laviniamfiscaletti <dnlf@...>

Dee, My heart goes out to you. Many of us remember your struggles and
perseverence thru the years with Party's issues. Your ability to think
outside the box was a beacon to us all. I only hope that I can do half
as well for my guys. May the good memories eclipse the pain you now
Love in this time of sorrow,
Lavinia, George and Nappi

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