Re: Lumps on my mare biopsied and inconclusive results

Lorna Cane

Hi Marion,

Can we sweet talk you into signing your messages every time you post?

Name,address,location,and when you joined us . Please also add you case history link,which is

It's good she is adapting to the pergolide.How much is she receiving?

I'm sorry I can't add anything wrt the lumps.

 Lorna in Ontario,Canada

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Lumps on my mare biopsied and inconclusive results


 I received the results from the 2 masses on my mare, Bahj-Rha and I am not sure if this is something to worry about or not.


The results from all 3 masses were inconclusive.  The description of the material is dense necrotic fibers indicating an infection.  Cancer could not be confirmed or ruled out.


The first mass is under her jaw where the lymph nodes are located, easily palpable and soft.  When you palpate it, there is no pain.  But soft like a lipoma.  The tissue was collected with needle aspiration.


The second larger mass close to the skin is about 3 1/2 inches in diameter and about an inch thick.  We took 2 samples from the middle of the mass.


The third mass under the second one has bone/calcified material deposited in the muscle fibers.


With the results coming back as inconclusive, worries me a bit.  I am on the fence regarding whether to remove them or not.  At 28 years old, I don't want to cause her more pain with repeated surgeries.   


In my research, I think this type of tumor/cancer is really slow and is not as a worry as lymphosarcoma.


I am slowly weaning my mare into her pergolide and she appears to be tolerating it well and she is starting to run about more chasing the younger horses at meal time.  


I have the farrier coming out to trim her up this week so we can get a look at her angles and see how she is doing.  But no sign of foot pain at all.


I tried to upload an update case history to the echistory8 page but yahoo won't let me load anything into it.  I am not sure if I am doing anything wrong or not.


Anyway - just wanted to give a quick update on the biopsy results.  If it is cancer, there is not a lot I can do other than spoil her rotten and keep her as comfy as I can.

Re: Need help to post history

Donna Powell

That is the problem...I cannot get it filled out.  The info will not type onto the form. 
May 2011

On Sunday, August 3, 2014 11:30 PM, "shilohmom@... [EquineCushings]" wrote:

Hi Donna,

Once you have them filled out, you can send the forms to me and I'll upload them for you.

Send it to:  shilohmom "at" outlook "dot" com.

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Re: Grazing muzzle with blocked hole? <barb.norlin@...>

Thanks for the help. I will talk to my vet about more blood work then try to post Zeke ' s history.

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Re: Need help to post history

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Donna,

Once you have them filled out, you can send the forms to me and I'll upload them for you.

Send it to:  shilohmom "at" outlook "dot" com.

Lavinia, Dante, George Too and Peanut

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Your horse's Case History is the most important step to be completed upon joining the Equine Cushings List. A well filled out and up-to-date Case History is critical for obtaining timely and relevant advice from the volunteers.

Provide as much information as possible. There are sections to enter data on physical symptoms, diet, exercise, blood tests, owner observations, past veterinary care or anything that you feel may be relevant to your horse's condition.

Please use standard units of measurement. To ensure the usefulness of your blood work results, be sure to include the type of units used by the lab and the lab's normal ranges. This will not only help the volunteers to help your horse, but will provide scientific data to help the ECIR group gain the trust of science-based equine professionals and shape future protocols.

Don't delay posting your case history if you are missing some pieces, it can be updated when you have the information you are still gathering. However, the faster your case history is up and completed, the faster you will receive support from the Volunteers or Dr. Kellon.

Don't be afraid to link to additional information about your horse. Links that take volunteers to photos, videos, x-rays, specific messages in the ECIR groups or other sources of information can help support staff better understand your horse's situation. This means you and your horse will benefit from answers faster. 

When posting questions in the group make sure you include a link to the folder that contains your case history so volunteers can find your information quickly and easily.

When the time comes that you or your horse no longer needs the ECIR List's advice, as a gesture of “giving back” to the group please leave your Case History, photos, x-rays etc. for the group to access. Your horse's information can be used to provide answers to future questions and help other horses. Additionally please fill out any of the polls or database tables that apply to you.

Templates, instructions and an example for posting Case Histories can be found here.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Need help to post history

Donna Powell

I have tried a few times to post the histories of my guys...I can down load the form, but cannot go any further than that.  Would someone help me get my history on the board, please?


Donna Ulysses & Rolex

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May 2011

Re: 2 crippled ponies.Please help.

Hannah T

Hi Mandy,

Ok I will have a go at this tomorrow with them both.


Yahoo! Groups


Re: GMO Ingredients/Glyphosates

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

This topic is definitely OT.  "Endocrine" questions revolve around sex hormones - and those are not substantiated either.

Eleanor in PA
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clarification on salt for the summer

beverly meyer

The lists say 1 to 2 heaping Tablespoons salt daily.  Does this change in hot (Texas) weather?

My pony is not ridden, so does not sweat or work.  

Any suggestions?

Thanks,  Beverly 5/14

Re: GMO Ingredients/Glyphosates


Small point, as the toxicological effects of glyphosates is a big issue and probably OT until we find the link to equine metabolic issues, used by the EPA, "pesticide" is a more generic classification  and includes herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

A search of pubmed for glyphosate endocrine shows a range of studies.

Cass for Satra

Oct 12

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"GMOs started to enter the food chain in the mid 90s. More and more glyphosate is used now because weeds are starting to show resistance and the pesticide is also used as a drying agent before harvest"
what makes me question the validity of the article is that they call it a is an herbicide..
Sheri in PA

Re: Help Needed - Long


Hi, Kris - if the case history thing isn't working for you, could you please post on this list the following:

Latest blood work results, with the dates
Current diet - include everything she is being fed, with the amounts
Current medications, including amounts
Her current weight and body score

Start with that; then perhaps we can get you to post pictures of her feet and the x-rays.


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Re: Help Needed - Long


I just got on the computer.  I sent it to danfolz at msn dot com

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Re: Help Needed - Long


Hi Linda, Could you please tell me where you forwarded the history form?


Re: 2 crippled ponies.Please help.

Mandy Woods

Would you take photos of Ziggy and Jaff’s feet and post them?   Here’s a link on how we like to see photos. 
Mandy in VA

Re: 2 crippled ponies.Please help.

Hannah T

Re: 2 crippled ponies.Please help.

Hannah T

Great advice, thankyou.  Yes the vit E in F4F is dry. I can go and find some soy oil gel capsules to add to it. I just started adding the iodinized table salt this eve.

Re: 2 crippled ponies.Please help.

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Hannah,

Thanks for getting the xrays and case histories up - it helps us enormously. It makes it easier for everyone to see your photos/xrays if they are put into the Photos section of the ECHistory8 group instead of in your case history file due to the way Yahoo organizes pictures. I have made an album for Zig and one for Jaff and moved their xrays to those albums. You can continue to add any additional pictures/xrays there for the future. Here are the links for those:

Lavinia, Dante, George Too and peanut

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Re: 2 crippled ponies.Please help.

Mandy Woods

Soaking hay for an hour is sufficient because once the water becomes saturated with the sugar it has no place to absorb any more.   Pour the water off and start with clean water if you feel you can get more sugar soaked out.  Minerals do not seem to move much.  
I give both white salt block (for their amusement) and loose I salt for eating in the bucket feed.
Your weights are probably more accurate  so feeding 1.5 % is a good amount to feed. 
The Formula 4 Feet is a good product BUT it does not balance your hay.  When you get the analysis back  post it in your CH so the ladies who are trained to balance minerals can advise you.   Then you will have the ‘perfect diet’. 
Vitamin E needs to be given with a hint of oil for proper absorption.   We like the natural gel caps in soy oil.  It’s a very small amount of oil.   Is the E in F4F dry?
The Temporary Emergency DIET is in the START HERE file and at
Read about this test we recommend at   the Trainer # 603.     IF your hay lab has the same test (minerals) then use your lab.  Our lab will test hay from the UK.
You are on a roll!    Good job!!!
Mandy in VA
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OCT 2003

Re: 2 crippled ponies.Please help.

Hannah T

Hi Mandy,
I am so glad I joined this group because you are talking me through everything which will help me find the triggers. :)
The pergolide for Ziggy will arrive this coming week hopefully (the vets here live over an hour away so they send it in the post). 
I agree regarding the non fasting. Can I ask why you only soak your hay for an hour/half an hour? Is this very important if they are also being fed a good vit/min supply to compensate for any minerals lost in the soaked hay? I am not sure what CHIA is, so will look that up. Thankyou.
I will start them both on the iodized table salt. Should I stop the salt blocks or give them both blocks and table salt?
They both get their hay in 2(one inside the other) greedy pony mesh nets.
They are currently being fed 1.5% in hay of their body weight as they were putting on weight slightly on 2% of body weight (with the possibility that someone else at the stables keeps slipping them some food).
I will get the hay sent off to be analysed this week and put the results in my case history. 
I put them both on Formula for Feet because of the issues of giving them both flax (F4F has omega 3,magnesium, carbonate, vit E, glucose tolerance factor in etc), and the fact they were putting weight on whilst they were getting speedibeet. Because of the weight gain, I am worried about putting speedibeet back in their diets. It was recommended to me that they could stay on Formula for Feet permanently as it is a good all round vit/min supply anyway. What are your thoughts on this?

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