oats/beet pulp/dr. kellon

Daisy Shepherd

dr kellon, one more question for the oats and bp for tiko. it is  1 # bp to 1 # oats and increase overtime to 2 #;  for the beet pulp is that dry weight  or after it is soaked and rinsed.  just want to be sure that i am doing it right.  thank you, daisy and tiko
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Re: Jiaogulan powder from MadBarn

Lorna Cane

Hi Renée,

Absorption is improved if it is fed 20 minutes before a meal, or 2 hours after a meal.
Often people don't have the option of doing this, but increasing the dose to about 1.5x regular dose, in feed, will also be ok.


Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario
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Re: new member, KIS, ulcer product

Sherry Morse

Re: Initial Markup Request Please!

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Thanks, Phillipa.

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Re: decreased water intake and invokana

LJ Friedman

I took another urine sample today. A much better sampling. The specific gravity was 1.01 to 1.015.  the past two glucose readings were much lower than the usuals, . Today and the  last reading shown a few days ago, we’re both from 250 to 500. Any thoughts on why the glucose ,which was always Maximum  immediately after dipping the strip,  is now reading at these lower levels of 250-500?
LJ Friedman  Nov 2014 Vista,   Northern  San Diego, CA

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Re: New member

Sherry Morse

Hello Rachael,

Re: New member


Jiaogulan powder from MadBarn


I just bought Jiaogulan powder from MadBarn
It says to give it 20 min before meal. I use to give the supplements after meals.
Why it should be eaten before meal?
Thank you.
Renée and Camilla
Port Cartier, Québec

New member


Hi all, 

New member here. I've tried to download the new member info and emergency diet and i can't open them as its saying corrupt files.
My horse needs help so keen to read these ASAP, can anyone help?
Rachael from Australia 2020

new member, KIS, ulcer product

Laura and Ero

Hi - I'm a new member and just finished my first Case History document. I will work to get photos updated shortly. I hope I did it right, advice welcomed if not. Not quite sure I have everything linked between the various subgroups I've signed up for … 

Per my case history, it's been suggested by my vet that Ero is metabolic. I'm working to change Ero's hoof care and diet as reasonably fast as I can and have been soaking hay for a week and removed most of the suspect supplements. I found this group via Pete Ramey / Hoofcare Rehab forum and have signed up for the NRC Plus course in Dec. Waiting winter hay supply (I board) so I can test hay. Meanwhile, I'm crash course learning so I can better talk with my farrier, trainer etc. I've also spent a few hours on the phone with CA Trace and KIS trace reps. I don't see KIS Trace on the acceptable diet, yet Pete Ramey lists it. Can someone share why KIS Trace may be concerning? 

Secondly, is there any data or advice on products? I'm hesitant to pull my horse off of Gastrix as an ulcer prevention and the "blue goo" was suggested to me as a gastric aid AND hindgut stabilization product. Evidently the sodium bicarbonate bolace makes the difference … ?

Ero is not lame and is currently in 3-5 days of dressage work. However, his feet need help and I now know his diet was not good. :( Already seeing improvements with hay soaking alone. Rads of his feet are scheduled next Friday. Barefoot trimmer out the following week to hopefully transition out of metal shoes. 

So grateful to be here and learning. Ancora Imparo!

-Laura (WI, USA), 7 year-old PRE, October 2020

cold weather induced laminitis, invokana and boot warmers

LJ Friedman

For those horses that are on invokana, would the protection this offers to keep insulin lower also protect against cold weather induced laminitis? This might affect whether i use fleeced lined shipping boots on  Jessie’s legs for the cold weather . I don’t think I did it last year because of the invokana but I would like to get Dr. Kellon’s thoughts on this please.
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Heavier Coat Than Usual, Chasteberry Extract and Prascend

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Hi all,

So i have been pondering why Vinnie has grown a much heavier coat this year so I thought I would throw this out to see if there is any considerations I need to make or change supplement wise.

Vinnie is IR he has never been formally diagnosed PPID.  This year we decided to put him on a low dose of pergolide during seasonal rise because his  ACTH was higher than it previously had been, but well within normal range.  We did this because his body condition continued to go up and down crestiness and fat pads and looking more metabolic even though diet is lined up.  
ACTH numbers:


































I had already had Vinnie on Gray Horse Defense which has CTB included, but after seeing his ACTH go up, I added one more scoop at night of the Uckele CTB 5x because I had read of all the positive benefits it could have on horses that sympomatically Vinnie seemed to fit into. The only thing he didn't have trouble with was his coat.

Fast forward to August, he started to drop coat like crazy about the first week in August.  He was shedding out so much coat that I thought he was going to be missing coat in some spots as his hair got super fine.. then about mid to late Aug. he started to grow a pretty heavy winter coat (heavy for him).  Usually last show of the year which is in Oct, he has a tight summer coat still and is just starting to think about growing some hair.

So early Sept I didn't like the fact that his crest started to look more metabolic and he started to look rounder so I messaged my vet and we had put on the table early July that we may start him on pergolide, so 9/15 I started him on a low dose.  I had already started APF with the possibility that this may be the route we took.  The pergolide dose we are at now is  0.5 after having a couple false starts with the veil.

My question is, do you all think his coat growth is a likely possibility that he will be PPID positive in Jan when we retest or is it possible that adding too much CTB caused a strange backwards effect increasing coat growth?

Or are there other possibilities I need to consider, like my acupuncturist suggested that perhaps the smoke cover caused an early start because the days were so much darker earlier than usual here in California.  I will say, we have had fires the last three years but nothing like the smoke cover we experienced this year.   Nov 2018 was similar but the fires seeemed later in the year.

Thanks in advance.  Nancy
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Re: Initial Markup Request Please!


Hi Lavinia

RF collateral groove measurements are:

 apex of frog 15mm
 both sides besides bars 10mm


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Re: Hay analysis

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Can't tell about balancing until it's retested. Better get a repeat sugar and starch by wet chemistry too.
Eleanor in PA 
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Re: Very itchy sheath/penis

Maxine McArthur

On Sat, Oct 31, 2020 at 01:08 AM, Eleanor Kellon, VMD wrote:
Use a turkey baster to administer into the sheath and hold off the opening for a few minutes after the last infusion.
Well that's one beloved kitchen utensil I'm never going to look at in the same way again... :D
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Re: Cold weather laminitis question


Thanks for the info Jessica.  What do others do for hinds for their horses who have suffered winter laminitis.

Do u boot them? Boot and socks? Use boots, socks and shipping boots?  

Also are u blanketing your horses? I hesitate to use blankets if her coat is enough as don’t want to flatten it and deter her natural protection. But what do people think?

Looking at photos from last wonder Rio looked like a swollen puffy horse even though she was being exercised and feed was monitored.  I want to do whatever possible for this winter to keep her in prime body shape as well as her hooves protected.

Thanks in advance!
August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada



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Re: Hay analysis


Equi-Analytical will retest it and I should have results in a few days. Otherwise, how are the minerals, should I change supplements or keep on the Equi VM and Equi Cal? She also gets table iodized salt, Vit E capsules and ground flaxseed mixed in Beet pulp. Thanks!

Tucker and Indigo
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Re: Very itchy sheath/penis


Lisa, as I remember from the article, it said no rinsing needed.   I use it on Chappie and he's fine.  He doesn't have any big sheath problems so I just apply gel periodically.  He also drops regularly, which is somewhat self-cleaning.   We're at the point now that if he has some crusties, he'll let me apply the gel, wipe off the crusties, and then apply more gel till he's completely clean.  I do use Stabul 1 treats afterwards for him.  The Fruit of the Earth gel is a clear, watery gel.
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Re: Very itchy sheath/penis

Sherry Morse

Lisa (and maybe anyone else who might be contemplating sheath cleaning when it's chilly),

It's not my favorite time of year to do it but many years ago when I was taking care of fox hunters I'd inevitably have to do at least one cold weather cleaning.  What I would do would plan on doing it in the morning when the barn was still warm from being closed up overnight.  I always use warm water and a small bucket so if the water starts to cool off I just get fresh warm water.  I'd also keep a pile of towels nearby for me and the horses never objected anymore than they did in the summer. 

Right now I'm babysitting my friend's gelding who has squamous cell carcinoma on the edge of his sheath and needs to be cleaned off every other day or so. Since it's been raining and chilly here I'll be heating up water tomorrow before I do anything with him - and again, it'll be as quick as I can make it because my hand will freeze otherwise.

Re: Very itchy sheath/penis

billie hinton

Years back one of my geldings had a lot of white “gunk” in his sheath. While he didn’t seem itchy, it was definitely not normal. The vet came out and gave me ointment to put on - it worked but as soon as I stopped the ointment, the white stuff came back.

I happened to be talking with the woman who developed Banixx spray shortly thereafter, and she said I could use the Banixx to clean his sheath and she felt it would work. I was not willing to try it until she checked it out with the veterinarian who had worked with her in developing the Banixx, so she put me in touch directly and I was assured it would be fine. Ran it by my horse’s vet and she said go for it.

Because it’s a clear watery liquid it doesn’t gunk anything up further and doesn’t need to be washed off. It worked perfectly. Completely fixed the issue.

I keep Banixx around for a number of things, so it’s nice to have one product that works well for more than just one issue.

Billie in NC

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