Re: half life of pergolide

Lorna Cane

Hi Lauri,

I typed half life pergolide into the Search box for you and found this very interesting message,with extra links to other messages:

  Lorna in Ontario,Canada

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half life of pergolide


Sorry if this is a question already submitted. This group is the best in my opinion on research, but wondering if these statements have been looked at by this group.

Granted they did come from  a site that was advertising their own product. But was curious if any members had the resources to blood test morning and night to see if it may be better to do twice daily.


Central Ky

Oct 2013  ??


Re: Falki X-Rays

Connie Proceviat

Hi Lavinia,

Thank you for the feedback on x-rays. Sorry for the delay. I tried to respond to your message 3 times and lost it each time. So frustrating.

Anyway, Falki is doing ok. Tender footed without boots but walks briskly with his boots on. We have been trying to go for a 30 minute walk daily. He seems to enjoy it.

Did another blood draw this morning. Should have results late this week hopefully but insulin has shown high since we started testing 2+ years ago. High risk of laminitis range.

I will take new pics soon and am working on updating case history. Appreciate your mark-ups. He was sore for most of last winter so not looking forward to another winter coming soon.

Kindest Regards,

Connie & Falki

Manitoba Canada

Aug 2013

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You've done a great job in regaining control of the toes, which are backed up nicely, with dorsal walls following the dorsal edge of the coffin bone. Soles are thin, coffin bones ground parallel. The hoof-pastern axis is slightly broken back in both. This is in part due to the sinking but also need to allow the rear of the foot to gain some height in relation to the front. Also need to gain a bit more overall hoof capsule height as his bony column is sitting lower inside than is optimal.

How is he doing?

Lavinia, Dante, George Too and Peanut

Re: Allergic reaction

Nancy C

Because I am a horse owner, not a vet, and we did not know at that point what exactly we were dealing with.

Lots of reports and discussions on metformin in the archives. Because there are so many reports of it not working after a point, my opinion was to hold off unless directed by a vet.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003
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....."This is just my opinion but I would hold on the metformin unless your vet".....

Re: Allergic reaction


....."This is just my opinion but I would hold on the metformin unless your vet".....

For educational purposes, Im interested to learn why the potential use of metformin was broached in this instance. I dont know much about the drug and would like to learn all of its indications (other than refractory hyperinsulinemia)
Thanks! And good luck with that swollen sheath -- yikes! :(

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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Re: Allergic reaction

Nancy C

Can you do some hand walking?  That can help sometimes.

Hopefully sheath will relax quickly but I don't have personal experience with steroid use and reaction.

If he is in need of a trim, like four weeks from the last one, don't wait to get your farrier out.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003

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If you have any experience or idea about how long it might take for the swelling to go down, it would be appreciated :).

Wallene & Travis in NC
September 2012

Re: Allergic reaction


Thanks for the reply Nancy.

I'll get some magnesium on order.

Everything else appears back to normal other than his sheath which is still at least 10 times its normal size.

If you have any experience or idea about how long it might take for the swelling to go down, it would be appreciated :).

Wallene & Travis in NC
September 2012

Re: Custom Supplement

Nicole Sicely

Oh great, thank you!!! 

I've seen the website:  Anyone have any experience with them?

I like that Uckele and horsetech are both large respected companies.

Partner to April, Dakota and Sammy
2003 RI

Re: Pergolide Dosage Question

corrine haffner

Hi Lavinia

That's what i thought up it to 6 mg but wanted to make sure,i'll up it another 1 mg in 2 days then he'll be on 6 mg total. Not seeing much change wise this time,still peeing excessively and drinking excessively also. He's getting pretty haired up already compared to other gelding.  How long before the excessive peeing and drinking go back to normal?  Should i re test in 3 weeks or wait and see how he does after on 6 mg?

His appetite is on and off he's on 16lbs of ODTB cubes i'v cut hay back to just 3lbs he's not eating it that well any way. Plan on doing away with hay here in next day or so.  His pulses are still bounding but now he's not dead lame but sore footed..

Thank you,
Corrine & Jasper

Re: Defiance Sound Starch Senior


I know nothing of that particular feed of theirs, but when I was in Ft. Collins I bought Ranchway feeds for my horses and was always more than satisfied with the quality of their feeds.   Do you have tag information on this feed?  Analysis, etc?    The 9.9% might be a bit high for some, but knowing the ESC and Starch separately would probably be the key, perhaps contacting Ranchway direct and requesting that specific information would help, unless that is what you did and they only gave you NSC.


MT 9/04

Re: Pergolide Dosage Question

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Corrine,

If he was one of mine, I'd be going up to the 6mg as his ACTH has been uncontrolled for quite some time and was at 80.2pg/ml with most recent testing and you are fighting the seasonal rise right now.

Lavinia, Dante, George Too and Peanut
Jan 05, RI
EC Support Team

Pergolide Dosage Question

corrine haffner


After jasper's last testing it was decided needed to go up on pergolide, he's now up to 5 mg as of today. Do i leave him on 5mg and see how he does? Or do i go up another 1 mg here in 2 days to make total dose 6 mg a day. 

Want to re test in 3 weeks after he's up to target dose,not sure testing is going to for sure happen had an unplanned vet call out late afternoon. If vet bill from yesterday is under 600$ i'am good for re testing.

 Almost lost my 14 year old paint gelding to colic last night at 2 am i thought he was going to need to be PTS,he was so bad. He pulled through thank god i can't deal with yet another death,been a tough year lost both my mom & dad just 8 months apart.


Corrine & Jasper

MN 4/2014



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Re: supps to balance timothy pellets

Nancy C

I would go back to emergency diet until you get new supps in order.

You can review it here

DDT - Diet


Nancy C in NH
ECIR Group Moderator 2003

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---In EquineCushings@..., <lj_friedman@...> wrote :

mtn sunrise says their correct equi  analysis should arrive soon..

Re: Someone to core my hay for testing


Hi Marjorie,

Have you checked with your local coop and/or extension office?  They often have hay probes that they will lend out.  If you do borrow one, just make sure it's not rusty, as that has the potential to affect your iron level.

Maggie, Chancey and Spiral in VA
March 2011
EC moderator/Primary Response

supps to balance timothy pellets

lj friedman

mtn sunrise says their correct equi  analysis should arrive soon.. ( mistake to wait for them)  So, I am now completely w/o supps. Should I go out and get flax and vit e and sel while I wait for their results, then have the results balanced and  then have the supps prepared ?  or is it fine to go w/o supps for a week or 2?  or anything else I should use for the timothy pellets for the next week or 2? Now,  I only feed rsr bp and salt and mov ease now.   thanks.  lj friedman san diego nov 2014,, ( my balancer is unavail till next week, so I ask this question here)  lj friedman san diego nov 2014. . 

ACTH Results Back

Stephanie Stout

Hi All,

I would love your advice please - I just got King's ATCH & Insulin results back from Cornell. He is on 4.5mg Pergolide(1x per day) from Pet Health all spring/summer along with a very strict low S/S diet. His ACTH on his test in December was 30.2 pg/mL(reference range of 9-35) and his newest results from 9/14/15 is 49.2 mg/mL. He foundered in all 4 feet last September/October as I had no idea he was Cushings and IR until he went into kidney failure first, and then really severe laminitis a couple weeks after. He has a 9 degree rotation in both fronts, and a couple degree rotation in both hinds. 

So, what would you recommend? I am thinking that his Pergolide should be raised to prevent any farther rise/laminitis problems? How much would you raise it? 

Thank you so much!

Stephanie & King


Oct 2014


Re: Allergic reaction

Nancy C

Glad to hear about the hay. 

This is just my opinion but I would hold on the metformin unless your vet wants to bring it on board and/or Dr Kellon over rides me.

Keep on with the Spirulina - you probably need to increase the amount you are giving based on what I "think" I know about the tabs.  Double check that based on Dr Kellon's comment of needing 20 grams. 

I would also keep the ALCAR and jherb.  Again, subject to Dr Kellon over riding me.

With this SVR hay, you could tighten the calcium:magnesium ratio by getting some magnesium oxide and adding in 5 grams by weight.   Can get it from Uckele or Horsetech  or a local feed mill. Others may have sources to suggest.

Hang in there.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003
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Re: Allergic reaction


Yes, the SVR, but it's honestly some of the best hay I've seen. Very little weeds if any.

The other 4 horses had had no reaction.

Hoping for an answer about the metformin, alcar and jherb.

Wallene and Travis in NC
September 2012

Re: Allergic reaction

Nancy C

Which was the new hay?

Is it the SVR B grade? Supplier had mentioned possible weeds lowering quality?

I know you have had a really hard time finding hay.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003
Please join us at the 2015 NO Laminitis! Conference, Georgetown TX, November 6-8, 2015

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