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I'm a mature passionate woman who loves riding horses and spending quality time with them in the back country on long trail rides and camping trips.  I enjoy clinics, training, education and anything that gives me the opportunity to learn more about my horses and horsemanship.  It is a journey.  I no longer seek performance events but look for things to participate in that allow us to bond as partners and find mutual fulfillment.  I still work full-time as a retail natural health care adviser and live a healthy lifestyle.  I am a mother of 3 grown sons and 3 grandsons.  A true tomboy if there ever was one.  I attack adversity with empowerment by learning how I can overcome it through knowledge.  My heart-horse " Kona " an 8 year old Rocky Mountain Horse gelding developed founder/ laminitis in Dec. 2015.  It was misdiagnosed and it has been an ongoing process to learn how to help him recover fully.  I am joining this group to continue to help me help him.