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Akria is a 6yr old rescued Nurse Mare Foal I adopted in April of 2013 at 8 weeks old. She never received sweet feed and was raised on Tribute Growth Formula for the first year of life then switched to Essential K as she was already starting to show a weight problem by the time she was 2. She has ALWAYS had severe vaccine reactions. The first worst was at one year when she had fevers of 105 for several days. I started ground work with her very young but wanted to wait until she was 3 or 4 before under saddle work to give her time to develop properly. She had a locked stifle shortly after we moved and she had a long (9hr) haul to a new state. Left stifle lock and when I began training her she had a left front shoulder issue. No one could figure it out and no proper diagnosis came until summer of 2018 when a trainer suggested an animal chiropractor. She ended up with a right SI joint issue from the locked stifle and the compensation manifested in her left front shoulder. Since that was addressed training resumed summer of 2018 through a rainy hard winter when training ceased. February of 2019 resumed training. Through diet change, addition of Thryoid medicine and increased training as stamina has increased she has NOT lost weight. She HAS increased muscle mass but on the weight tape she has not shed an ounce and she has a pot belly appearance . Ribs are only felt by pressing firmly. She finally has flank that has definition and her withers have become more prominent.