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ECIR | CaseHistory / ECIR Case History
*Location for case histories and photos for horses with PPID/IR* * * Please note: With 1000s of case histories to be added here,  we need to stay organised.  Before uploading documents or photos read and follow the Case History Protocols ( ) and Posting Information Help ( ) .   Upon joining you will be instantly emailed a copy of the Case History Form with the Case History Protocols which contain *important instructions for uploading and organizing* * your information* .  Also be sure to read the pages marked with a red asterisk in *The ECIR Forum and Files' Wiki ( ) . * * *
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ECIR | Hoof / ECHoof
*ECHoof is a resource to learn options for recovery from laminitis/founder.* Only one style of hoof care is endorsed: careful, thorough, and ongoing evaluation of each horse's situation. This includes external hoof shape and condition, position and condition of internal structures, and relevant aspects of diet, environment, housing and footing. Discussion can include all available options for any foot, but especially for the laminitic and foundered foot, with review and adjustment as needed. *Keep discussions of specific PPID and IR equines on the main ECIR Group.* Non-PPID and IR equine hoof related discussion takes place here. Go here ( ) to get started uploading your images.
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ECIR | Horsekeeping / ECHorsekeeping
*ECHorsekeeping provides a place for discussion related to non-metabolic horses.* Diagnosis, Diet, Trim and Exercise is the focus for discussion for non-PPID/IR horses including differences in breeds, pregnant mares, healthy retirees, young and working horses. Please keep discussions of Cushing’s/PPID and IR horses on the main ECIR group ( ) . The rules on ECHorsekeeping are less strict, however any inappropriate material or advertising will be deleted. *Solicitation and* *contacting members privately* *is absolutely against policy.*
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