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gibson nikki

My ferriar was here yesturday to trim my horses, the pony had a small
abcess, and he told me about minerals called Hoof Power that are
supposed to be really good for the hooves, and help prevent abcesses,
has anyone tried it? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Nikki

5 Pine Ranch

"nikstck" <nikstck@...> wrote:

and he told me about minerals called Hoof Power

Ni Nikki - Could you find a list of ingredients and the analysis for
this product? That would provide us better information to help you
with considering the product.

I don't know of any true cures for abcesses - if laminitis related and
inspite of the horrible pain they are sometimes in - it is a part of
the healing process.

The most complimentary source of minerals to aid healing is a custom
mix matched to your hay....that said, please supply the above
information and we can better make an assessment of the product.


Eleanor Kellon, VMD

It's a Farrier's Formula copy cat:


If your horse's diet has adequate protein and well balanced minerals,
all you need to add is biotin.

It's very interesting that the successful hoof (and coat) supplements
all target the most common trace mineral deficiencies (zinc, copper,
iodine to some extent) rather than using a kitchen sink to
supplementing across the board. This is why they are often successful
even in horses on heavily supplemented grains or "multi" type
supplements. It's all about balance.