HELP Dr.K, Amberlee, Harrys x-rays


Dr. K, Amberlee,Hoof gurus.

Would you please take a look at Harrys x-rays for Linda. She is new
and is working very hard to get up to speed on all of this. I have
asked her to post additional picts of external foot pictures to add
to her photo album with the x-rays and change her heading to show
this. She has tried to fill out a case history twice now, but as you
know this is not working correctly yet. I have added a link to get
you up to speed on the x-rays Linda posted. Linda has implemented the
emergency diet and blood work. Harry is confirmed blood work
and is already doing better in just a few days on the emergency
diet. Linda suspects he has an absess right now and is soaking in
epson salts, any additional advice would be great for Linda and
Harry. They are located in the U.K. Your help would be greatly

Thanks Angela


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I hope these links work.

Thanks Angela

Abby Nemec

jarrahbrearebreazebridie wrote:
Dr. K, Amberlee,Hoof gurus.
Would you please take a look at Harrys x-rays for Linda.
Harry's xrays are not too bad but his soles are pretty thin & lowering his heels - while necessary - might make him tender.

I would like to see photos of Harry's feet if possible before I comment too much more - the outside of the foot has a lot to say about what to expect when he's trimmed.

The important thing I think really has to be getting his toes back. The toes of his hooves extends way out beyond the tip of his coffin bone, so it will probably make him a lot more comfortable if his breakover is brought back quite a ways at the toe.

With short feet like this you might find it helpful to try using hoof casts (I've been on a bit of a roll with these lately!) to get some sole relief. The casts support the outside of the foot pretty well so you can put the foot on a shoe with the cast over it and get protection/support WITH sole relief - a good deal! Equicast is available from

Warwick Bloomfield of Bracknell

Mike Taylor of Romford, Essex

Feet like Harry's have been rehabilitated successfully with bare feet, boots, pea gravel, etc. as well.

When you have a chance to get some hoof photos up let us know & we can take a look & see what else we might be able to tell from there.


Abby Bloxsom