Glitch with Equicast Update! =)

Jax The Wonder Cat <jaxthewondercat@...>

Last weekend the farrier came and removed Summer's old casts (NOT an easy job like in the videos! Is there a secret trick??) He put the backwards shoes on and cast over them. And so far she has been without boots since then and not lame! First couple days she wasn't so sure but yesterday she was much perkier and walking with her head UP instead of on the down low. Unfortunately the rains came again but her heels had time to mostly dry out before then and hopefully we're done with the rain for a few days.

She has decided the showing chafe is for the birds and somehow picks it all out of the Happy Hoof and dumps it on the ground. SO no more showing chaff I guess!

I'm thinking of redoing the X rays in 2 months. Not sure any sooner will be worthwhile. It's over 6 weeks now without an abscess!! And nothing showed up under the cast either when he removed them. jamie coughlin