Test Results - Help with measurements/conversion please?/soaking hay issues


Hi Donna..I too am just learning all about this IR and Cushings issues.
Yeah, soaking the hay is MESSY. I soak it in a big Rubbermaid
bucket..the ones that have the rope handles on the sides.

I actually let Horizon's hay soak overnight so he doesn't have
to "WAIT FOR BREAKFAST". The messy part is dumping out the sugar
water.it just makes a mess.
Because I work at home, I go back out in the early afternoon and
refill the bucket with hay and get dinner soaking.

My biggest concern right now is when winter comes....and soaking hay
in 20 degree weather.How do you keep it from freezing?

WHat's the "minimum" time to let it soak? I have heard 1 hour.That's
going to be tough when it gets cold!

Bev in NV

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On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 10:11 PM, Joan and Dazzle wrote:
So for the new people who are learning, take a deep breath. This is
all do-able.
Thanks Joan. Exactly what I needed after just coming in from my
second day of soaking hay. Still trying to figure out the easiest
to do it and am hoping it will only last for this week's trial period
since my hay is < 10%. But I'm saying the exact same thing you said.
I just can't do this forever. Especially when it's over 110 degrees
and I have to keep clean to return to work :)