Safe Feeds Sources

susie_gordon <whitneygt@...>

I currently maintain the "SAFE FEEDS" Source list in the FILES section at the home page.

Sources are listed for Australia, Canada, and the United States with a few sources for the UK. I would like to add sources for Europe as well.

In the United States, sources are listed by state. This list is only as reliable as the information that is sent to me by the membership. If any of the information currently in the file is incorrect or no longer a valid option, please let me know.

If you have a source for molasses free beet pulp, Ontario Dehy Timothy Balanced Cubes, Sterrett Pellets, etc, please send:

Name of feed store
Street Address
City, State, and Postal Code
Name of contact (if any)
Phone number and/or facsimile number
webpage (if any)
Any other pertinent info to include such things as minimum orders and time frame for ordering

Send to:

Susie Gordon, MD
whitneygt "at" hughes "dot" net