help with IR horse feed diet

shawna.boll <shawna.boll@...>

is there any one out there that knows where one can get supuments, feed for IR horse there is nothing in my area and having no luck!! not sure if i even did this computer list thing right?? hope it gets posted.

Mandy Woods

Hi Shawna,
Welcome to the group. You've done great so far with two posts on the list.
You'll find in the files that the list philosophy is DDT/E. This is the
best way to start. DIAGNOSIS is by bloodwork. DIET is a low
sugar/starch/fat diet. TRIM a balanced foot and EXERCISE if the horse is
sound enough.

You are asking for help in supplements and suitable feed for an IR horse.
Ideally we recommend you have your hay tested for minerals and then have a
supplement custom made to compliment that. There really isnt a bottle of
supplements off the shelf that fits everyone's hay. There are some that are
regionally 'close'.

We need to know more about your horse. Age, breed, how was he diagnosed
(which tests and results) where you live, what you feed now etc. If you
would join the ECHistory2 group and fill out a Case History it will make it
so much easier and faster to help you.

In the meantime, if your horse is experiencing any lameness or major loss
of weight, you could start the Temporary Emergency Diet in the first File.
It is a safe diet for any horse. You can purchase the temporary minerals at Walmart
or any drugstore.

Keep reading the files, ask questions, join ECH2 and we'll help.
Mandy in VA
EC First Responder
OCT 2003