cellulitis rt hind and rt front in IR mare - not cri...


I don't tend to add much to the medical why's, because I'm such a rank
amateur compared to the expertise on this list. But a holistic medicine point
of view may have something to contribute. Sometimes when symptoms are
predominantly one-sided, that has indicated a whole-body illness which
manifests first on whichever side of the individual is weaker or somehow more
prone. That isn't necessarily muscle weakness, per se, but it's often
associated with that. Instead of looking for what's causing the R versus L side
maniffestation, perhaps look at this as the underlying disease being present
everywhere, and it's just "peeking through" on that side first. The
treatment would be the same as if manifesting everywhere - treat the cause and
not worry so much about why the symptoms are on the left or right. I hope
that helps somehow.......
Kathryn Kerby
Snohomish, WA
Nov 09


Forgive my ignorance, but could someone please give a brief explanation of what cellulitis is?


So Mn

Linda <PapBallou@...>

but could someone please give a brief explanation of what cellulitis is?

Hi Tammy -

A good question! I think many are wondering the same.

Cellulitis is an inflammation of tissue caused by *infection*. It's not the same as the swelling you see when you have a cut or injury. In cellulitis *bacteria* are at work, causing the area about the wound to swell, often excessively. It's of great concern.

Edema, which is most likely what is being described with this horse, is a swelling of tissue caused by inflammation such as joint injury, the response to an injury, etc. Stocking up is edema.

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