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I lost my source in Oklahoma City when the mill dropped the Triple Crown line. Is there anyone else in that area that is now carrying the cubes? Need soon.

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Nutrena has announced they will be carrying Triple Crown products.  There is a
link on their website to find local dealers:  It has 4 dealers listed in OK City.

Hope that helps,

Houston, TX July 2010

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Saucier Kathy

You can try going to the source. Robin Staloch with Triple Crown Feed can tell you who distributes in your area. The second person below, Jerral Seale, was the area person for N TX (at least a few years ago he was) and may either be your area also or know who to contact.
TC should be able to tell you who carries or at least can get you the OTDB cubes.
Kathy S.
January 2005

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