Press Release from Safer Grass - TX feed regulation office

Saucier Kathy

I checked out Katy's letter on getting the proposed new labeling accepted from this that was posted back on Friday.
On page 4 she lists the state feed regulatory contacts and I notice TX was not listed. Has anyone in TX pursued who this would be?
A quick search brought me to an organization called Office of the State Chemist, part of the Agri-Life system. I just sent this to Katy to see if she thinks this is the correct group. But if anyone has already searched this out & found who is the contact for feed regulation, can you let Katy know so she can add it on, and let the group know?
Kathy Saucier
January 2005

Nancy C

I'd be curious to know if anyone has a date of this press release?

Nancy C in NH
February 2003

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